part 66:


Post 3 of 5 for today…enjoy



Aqeel:”nows abit of a power point presentation for all of you…I had a few pictures but thought it would be easier for everyone to view at the same time if I put it on a slide show…”


Noori got up to walk away….


Aqeel:”I said SIT!you’re not going anywhere….”


This is so not like aqeel…I guess this is what happens when an innocent person is hurt to this extent..they become bitter and heartless..


The slide show began….everyone gasped at the sight of noori wrapped around the arms of this guy…


Noori:”this is all nonsense.its all made up…those things didn’t even happen…”


Everyone ignored her as every picture was more digusting than the other….atleast aqeel didn’t show them the really obscene ones that he showed us yesterday…I suppose he had more modesty to not show her naked body to her brothers and father and his father etc…


I glanced over at aunty faati…she was in tears..she couldn’t even say a word the whole time…she was crying uncontrollably…


Joe:”what the hell is your point of all this?of making my sister like a fool infront of everyone?couldn’t you spare her the embarrassment and discuss this with us in private?(He was angry)”


Aqeel:”funny that you mention that…I was thinking the exact same thing about myself….could you people not save me the embarrassment of being a fool and messing with my life like you did?you all knew that she was busy with this guy…instead of sorting your problem guys dumped your problem on an innocent guy?”


Moey:”I don’t know what you talking about..we didn’t know any such….”


Aqeel:”(cutting him off)…oh yes you did..and that’s what leads me onto my last bit of evidence for today….”


Aqeel punches in some buttons on his laptop which goes to some recorded conversations of noori and this guy, 


The conversation:

Noori:”hey baby….you know how much i love you and I’m going crazy without you…I can’t believe its already 3 years…”


Guy:”yes my sexy ….when your brothers found out I thought I’d never see you again..”


Noori:”(giggle)..oh please!no-ones going to stop me from loving you…not even my useless brothers…”


Guy:”(laugh)..did they really think getting you married you seperate us forever?”


Noori:”aww baby that just brought us even closer…now I know that no-one can take ur place”


Joe gets up to attack noori..moey grabs hold of him….


Moey:”don’t!not here and not now….we’ll deal with this slut when we get home….get your A** up and pack your bags…NOW(looking at noori)…”


Aunty nafissa(nooris mum):”what are you doing to us?noori what is wrong with you….running a big mock and making us look like stupids here infront of all these people….(Sobbing)….when is all this going to end?do you not have one bit of remorse for all that you’ve done?”


Noori:”well if you all just like left me alone..everyone wouldn’t be so hurt,….you all knew that i like loved cashmore so much”


Aqeel:(burst out laughing)”cashmore?”


Ismail and I giggled also….


Aqeel:”what the hell kind of name is that?”


Noori looked stupid..she didn’t even know what to say…


Aqeel:(look of disgust)..”ww…wait a second… mean this guy isn’t even muslim?”


Everyone was just silent….


Aqeel:”this is more humiliating than I thought….you sleeping around with a freaking non-muslim and then sleeping in the same bed with me?aaaah…….ya Allah….(Aqeel broke down)”


Ismail let go of my hands and went to aqeel to try and calm him down….


Aqeel:(turning to face them again)….I seen that he was as african guy….but to me it didn’t matter….whether you did it with an indian, white or black guy made no difference..its all the same to me..its still pathetic…..but the worst part is that he’s not even F****** muslim?(Pause)……well this leads me to the last thing before you leave…..I’m sorry to do this to all of you……”


12 thoughts on “part 66:

  1. nafissa says:

    Noori will get what she deserves!
    Gosh!did she think dat she wasn’t going to get caught out!

    She’s so shallow,but hopefully she changes her lifestyle!

    • I hope so too..everybody that does sum kind of evil…shaytaan makes it such that we enjoy ourselves so much that we forget that there are consequences to face and that we will eventually get caught out oneday

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    Oh btw , beloved Author … I’m getting posts via email !!!!!! ‎​​الحمد لله
    It hasn’t been workin – kept on givin me an error message – but now shukr its sorted out !!
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

    Waitin to see wat happens next !!
    Salma salma , get ready *wink* ………. Des a broken heart 2 mend … Defntly afta u marry him

    • I seen that you subscribed this morning and I was so happy that it finally got sorted out…:))) now atleast you know whenever I post….so you don’t have to keep checkin

  3. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wat evidence??? Cant wait to read wats next!!! Shame poor aqeel,feel soo sorry for him..he didnt deserve this..well wat goes around comes around,noori will find that out 1 day..
    Yep salma better get ready 😉 hope this doesnt make him bitter n mistrustful of women forever..all women arent like noori..hopefully he experiences n realises that in due time…

  4. Sister A. says:

    OMGEEE !!!!! She carried on lyk she’s a victim. Hp her bros beat her up 4 dis. She’s such a disgrace! Wunder wat Aqeels abt 2 do now.

  5. Faati says:

    Yoh Yoh she’s such a crazy person ..
    She even mentioned his name *shocked*
    No sharam n hayaaa so sad. ..
    Allah grant her hidayat so happy her family is upset and angry with her.. .she disgraced they family
    And she still ain’t showing any remorse or guilt. ..
    So happy all went wel for Aqeel

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