part 65:


Post 2 of 5 for today dedicated to faati

*****************************************************************************Aqeel asked everyone to gather in the lounge…


Aqeel:”I’ve planned a special surprise for my lovely wife and I want you all to be a part of get comfortable before it all begins”


Noori looked at aqeel with ‘fake’ admiration and put her hands on her chest trying to tell him how ‘touched’ she was..


Everyone filled up the couches and pulled up chairs to sit in the lounge..ismail and I however were like nervous wrecks..we chose to stay in the kitchen…


No-one could see us from where we were standing because their backs were all turned to us. The only ones that could see us was aqeel and noori who sat on the side sofa…


Ismail leaned against the kitchen nook while I stood infront of him with his arms around my waist…I held his hand and squeezed his it tightly…


Ismail:(whispering into my ear)”get ready to run if we need to baby”


Aqeel switched on the big flat screen tv that occupied the one entire wall in his lounge..


Everything was in black and white with no sound since it was a cctv camera…aqeel obiously had more brains than to put everything on the screen…he picked and chose what he thought was necessary…


So first there were just random pictures of the different rooms in the house from the lounge, to kitchen, to main bedroom, spare bedroom, outside patio and driveway…


Everyone had smiles on their faces at first, including noori…until a scene was shown of her ‘sleeping’ and aqeel getting ready to leave for work…


Noori:”sweety…that’s personal stuff…everybodys not like supposed to have seen me sleeping(giggle)”


Aqeel:”oh don’t worry only gets better from here”


Everyone continued watching…the camera was on the front door as aqeel walked out..then it was in the bedroom where noori suddenly jumped out of bed and ran to the lounge to look through the curtain..then a smiling noori rushing to the front door to lock it…then back in the bedroom where noori jumped up 2 shelves in her cupboard to pull out a pretty pink vanity case…she brought it to the bed, opened it and pulled out a cellphone,switched it on and started dialling..she then jumped into bed and began chatting away…


At this point aqeel was already standing next to ismail and I..he probably wanted a better view of the priceless expression on nooris face..


Noori:”what is this supposed to be?this is crazy…(Getting up to switch the tv off)


Aqeel:”sit down!this is only the beginning”


Moey(nooris brother):”no ways!I agree with noori…what S*** is this supposed to be?”


Aqeel:”boss I suggest you all sit down and take in because there’s a lot more to still go through…”


Noori is laughing and talking on the phone…she then gets startled and puts the hidden phone away, answers her other phone with a straight face, puts it down and gets back to laughing away…


Then there’s another scene of her all dolled up with a dress above her knees, netted stockings, a boob tube and then she throws over a cloak as she opens the door for the maid…slams a R100 note on the table top, rattles something to the maid and is out the door…


Aqeel then switches the tv off….


Joe(nooris other brother):”well thank god for that…I’ve had enough of this”


Aqeel:”ha uh bro…now we move on to something else….”


Aqeel switches on his laptop and waits for it to load….everyone turns to where we’re standing….


17 thoughts on “part 65:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Sooo true – she did mess up – n now its tym 2 own up !!!
    Ppl continue to sin n decieve others but only learn der lesson wen its brought in da open like dis !!
    Hope her bro’s don’t do anything to him !!
    Miss Author is on the ball 2day !!! Very good ‎​​ما شاء الله making the most of the barkat of the morning

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    Yes it does take guts !! And he needs all the moral support he can get !! Its not an easy task – and not 1 that any1 likes to do – but sometyms it mayb for the best . How long can she carry on like dis – and hide n lie to every1 !!

    • Its true…and the possibility of him doing it one on one with noori alone was that she couldve denied it and tried her best to look innocent and make him the mad one

  3. Faati says:

    Hope hope nobody starts fighting.. .
    Seems as if Noori bru isn’t a good guy.. .
    Since he forced da issue on marriage and knw her secrets…
    If I was in Noori place I wid have been so out of place, yet she seems to b fine with every1 viewing her drama.. .astagfirullah

  4. Sister A. says:

    Noori deserves wats cumin her way. Pepl lyk her need 2 get xposd or dey ωɪℓℓ continue wid der nonsense. It takes a lot of courage on Aqeel’s part 2 do wat he is abt 2 do. May ﷲ mk it easy 4 him wid da supprt of dose close 2 him. ​آمِيْن
    SUSPENSE !!!!!!!!!

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Suspense for sure!!! Shes caught so red-handed,she cant even try to deny it.. Hope her bros dnt make a big issue out of it..

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