part 64:


This post aswel as the next 4 posts are dedicated to an awesome reader..faati!


At the braai aqeel tried his best to act as normal as possible…making everyone feel comfortable as he always does…


We could notice the nervousness and the pain in his eyes…but that’s because we were the only ones that knew what was actually going on…


Noori was her stuck up self as usual…we actually didn’t see her till about an hour after we’d reached…


‘Apparently’ she was busy dolling herself up to perfection…(Eyes rolling)…can anyone be more conceited…


Ismail was outside with the rest of the men, while I sat inside chatting to aunty faati(aqeels mum)…she was quite a nice aunty…


The only thing that kept bugging my brain was how everyone was going to take all this in?I feel like I don’t want to be here when it all comes out….but I also want to be here for aqeel…


Noori was such a terrible host I must say..people were in her house but she did nothing to entertain..she couldn’t even sit with everyone and talk….she sat with a sulky face throughout the braai…


The food was delicious, whoever catered for it, catered well…since I was pregnant, I really enjoyed myself at the table….*shy face*


Ismail kept glancing at me from outside..usually that would make me would make me wonder what he was going to find fault with next…but this time, everytime he glanced at me he’d wink or discreetly blow me a kiss which would inturn make me blush….


Noori and her mother in law didn’t look like they got along very well…aunty faati was so sweet and soft…and whenever she asked noori to join us, she’d snap at her rudely infront of all of us…


I kept thinking of my mother in law…she needed a daughter in law like noori to put her on her place….


Once the braai was done, I helped to clear up whatever I could…I offered to pack away the left over meat and salads into containers to which noori rudely snapped:


“Do you think I’m incapable of seeing to things n my own house?if I need help I’ll ask”


Gosh!what a nerve…I didn’t mean it In that way..we were just brought up to help our host wherever we were…


Dadi would scold us if ever she seen us just sitting around at a function…we needed to make things easier for the was a task on its own having so many people at their home making a big mess of everything, the least we could do in return was make their burdens lighter…


Islaam teaches us to honour our host, to make dua for them….even though noori played no major part in hosting us, I silently prayed that Allah gives her hidayah(guidance) to change from her evil realise that this should not be our way of life…that islaam has given us the halaal option in every case…


I also made dua that Allah grants aqeel the true happiness that he deserves and makes it easy for him to do what’s necessary…


While I was lost in thought I heard aqeel clear his throat standing at the sliding door…ismail looked at me from outside and then closed his eyes and turned away to light a quick cigarette…


Aqeel:”I just want to thank everyone for joining us today for this very special braai…there’s a reason why I’ve hosted this braai today with all the most important people in my life…..”


11 thoughts on “part 64:

  1. Nafissa says:

    Noori is so rude!
    Aqeel deserves happiness,n wil find it in due tym,he needs to heal.

    I see sum1 mending his broken heart.

  2. sister/in/islam says:

    ‎​​الحمد لله. – nice and early !!
    Nail biting suspense !! Makin دعاء for Aqeel , that everythin goes as planned ….
    Such an embarrasment in front of all these ppl – but she deserves it for being soo conceited and horrible !!
    And Rude to guests !!!

  3. Sister A. says:

    Ooooohhhh can’t watch! He’s about 2 drop da bomb. Wish I was der 2 c Noori’s face wen it hapens. May it go wel 4 Aqeel.

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow,such a snob!!! I must say aqeel wil b beta off without her..n soo right,faaizas mil needs a daughter inlaw like her lol!!! Would def set her strait!!!

    • a95r says:

      Who will set who straight? I don’t think they’ll survive for a day together. Though it will definitely be an interesting scene, no doubt!

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