part 63:


Welcome to all the readers in swaziland…hope u enjoy the read

WOW!this extra post is because I’ve reached 1000 comments on my blog…..jx sooooo much to all my amazing commenters that keep me smiling throughout the day and night…

Stay tuned for 5 posts tomorrow thanks to faati…


Special edition:

Nooris point of view….


Woo hooooo!I’m like living it up…what a life!…who wouldn’t be like envious of me?…I have everything that any girl would like ever want…


I have 2 guys that are like head over heels for me….both stinking rich….which makes me spoilt as ever….


I do feel like sorry for aqeel sometimes….he’s way too good for me….he deserves much more…but its not my fault…it wasn’t my decision to ruin his life in the first place…


I was already like madly in love with cashmore….he swept me off my feet the first day we ever met….


Reminiscing the past:

I was out at one of those MAJOR H2O parties at wild waters…it was wicked….my girls and I made our way there like at 2 in the afternoon already…we needed to get into it….we stocked up on enough redbull and play to last us all through the night..we usually always partied till like the next morning…


My parents always think we having these crazy sleep overs at a friends house…lol…who like in their right minds really does those things anymore?that’s for like little girls with piggy tails…


We were enjoying ourselves in the water, dancing, mingling, flirting and all when some guy kinda like caught onto me from the back…something happened to me…we danced for quite some time without me turning around to even see who it was..I didn’t care..he was good…


Finally he turned me around and WOW was he…tall, dark and deadly!!!!just the way I like them…HOT!


He took me away from everyone and the rest of the night was history…I woke up in his hotel room at birchwood at around 5 the next morning…


And the strangest thing was…we never lost touch..we grew closer as the time went by…I felt on a high whenever I was with him…


Until that dreaded day that my brothers found out….if it were anyone else I and him wouldve been like dead…but since my brothers were heavy into all this S*** they knew cashmore far better than I thought I did…apparently he was one of the big guys…my brothers would never want to mess with him…


Instead of leaving me to enjoy my life they found it necessary to get me married off to innocent aqeel…poor thing…he had no idea who or what he was getting himself into….


And as for my family?did they really think cashmore and I would ever give up on eachother that easily?no ways…I’ll never give him up….he’s just too damn enjoyable….




25 thoughts on “part 63:

  1. nafissa says:

    Nooris is really hooked on to Cashmore,n doesn’t seem lyk she’s interested in Aqeel n making her marriage work out…as she says she was forced into it.
    It’s not fair on Aqeel!
    He deserves better…

  2. Faati says:

    Wat a lovely surprise! ! !
    Wow. . .Congrats on your 1000 comments alhamdulilah

    OMW, she had a hectic past.. ..
    So so sad…ouch Heartbroken

  3. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow hectic..doesnt look like shes gonna giv up her cashmore..she doesnt care bwt aqeel,poor guy..rather he gets out as fast as he can n marries some1 worthy of him..

  4. Shabana says:

    I’m laughing loud. Cashmore? Well at least it’s not Sipho or Lucky..

    but still.. No words for Noori. Someone read manzil and blow on her.

    congrats on your 1000th comment and thanks for the bonus’ Faati. Xx

  5. sister/in/islam says:

    Uhhhggg !! Cashmor !!
    I already hate him and noori !!
    Such a connivin person – and to ruin poor Aqeels life like this !! He doesn’t deserve her and all this heartache !!
    Can’t wait for mor !!!!
    5 beautiful posts !!!!!
    Shukr 2 اللَّهُ !!
    ‎​سُبْحَانَ اللَّه
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  6. HR says:

    The. Post just get better and better. Keep it up. Story line is so real. Can’t wait for the 5 posts. Yippee we r sooo lucky.

  7. a95r says:

    How disgusting. Its sickening! Life is not a party, its not a competition to see who can get richer and have more guys.
    ‘who wouldn’t be like envious of me?…I have everything that any girl would like ever want…’
    No ones envious of you. Nikah is sacred, this man has married you, takes care of you, gives you whatever you want, loves you and this is how you repay him?? And this cashmore character will keep you only as long as he wants, when he loses interest its goodbye, no love lost, you’re just easy, merely a convenience.
    Zina is such a great sin, a persons imaan actually leaves his/her body for that time. Allah must save us. آمين.
    Her brothers thought the best thing was for her to get married? They couldn’t handle her, so get her married, she’s her husbands problem? Didn’t they realise that they messing up an innocent boys life?
    She’s really shallow, doesn’t care about feelings.
    ‘but its not my fault…’
    And it is her fault, she could have changed, or the very least told him and not married him.

    • Its so sad how many of our muslim youth attend these crazy raves and clubs etc…imagine if Allah has to take their lives in such a state….may Allah save us and our children from all the evil habits and immorality..ameen!

  8. Sister A. says:

    ℓ☺ℓ @ Shabana! I also laught loudly. Agh sis Noori is disgusting! Cal dat havin wat evry girl wants. Stil can’t stop laughing. ​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнa♒ђåª•ђåª•ђåª♒º°˚˚˚°º‎​=))
    =))•´¨)¸.•*¨)=)) ¸¸.•´=D(¸.•´(¸.• =))

  9. Sister A. says:

    Anyways on a mor serious note, dat is defo not wat any Muslimah wants °̩и lyf. Ʋ not worthy of any1’s envy Noori. Ʋ need 2 change ur name. It doesn’t suit sum1 lyk Ʋ >=). Cashmore is cashing °̩и wid his toy, Noori. Til he gts tired of her. Aqeel boot her butt hard bro & send her packing. Congrats sis on ur 1000 coments! Tnx Faati 4 da xtra posts.

    • Its so true…we think others are envious of us for all the wrong things….when actually its disgusting and nobody wants anything that u have…

      Ofcourse men like that don’t ever stick to one woman…plus his from another country on a whole…you think he was loyal to noori?

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