part 62:


So here’s your second post for today….hope my apology is accepted…jx :))


Aqeel presented all his evidence that he had before us….I was shocked and disgusted all at the same time….and I thought her smooching the freaking guy was immoral…


Aqeel had pictures of her totally naked making out with the guy….and oh my god! What sickened me even more was what salma said was true..this guy was an african guy…


Apparently aqeel had someone follow her…they found her driving to garden court in sandton…she went up to the penthouse suite….all of this was during the day while aqeel was supposed to be at work…


Noori was given a car and her own house along with lots of freedom….so this made it very easy for her to go wherever she pleases, whenever she pleased….


She only ever shopped in sandton so no-one would ever wonder why she was in that part of the world on her own on a weekday…


She also had enough time to do whatever she wanted to because once aqeel left for work at 7:45am…he wouldn’t return till 6pm every evening…


Aqeel never phoned to check up on her ever…he trusted her completely…


But this past week that he’d been checking on her whereabouts, he made sure he told her that he was going to be working till late and a few times made excuses of extra meetings to which she never complained….


This made me think of ismail…..we had numerous of fights in the past, merely because I’d worry myself sick about why he was late from work..not because I didn’t trust him…but because I love him and couldn’t wait for him to come home everyday….my whole life revolved around ismail…so I awaited the time he’d come home…


And here was noori..celebrating the late arrival of her husband almost everyday….


Aqeel found out that she had a secret phone which she’d only use during the day….this he found out because he had a camera installed in the house….


She used to wait for aqeel to leave the house…he has videos of her actually watching his car leaving in the morning from her lounge window….


Its sad….do we really need all this tension and worry in our lives….?Allah has made it so clear that we will never find contentment in sin….


Yes, we may enjoy certain haraam acts for that specific moment…but the feelings of fear, regret and constant worry that one haraam act brings to our life is honestly not worth the sin in the first place…


Aqeel:”I need you guys to be there for me tomorrow…both of you please….”


Ismail:”bro this is a personal much as we’d love to be there for you..I think you and your family and nooris family need some privacy….”


Aqeel:”bru I want you there and that’s final….besides….I didn’t make it a big deal….I told her I want to invite a few people over tomorrow for a braai…first she was complaining that she has to make everything…so I told her not to worry…everythings catered for….I got someone to do the braaing for us and everything…so just come…once we done with the braai and everyones chilling…that’s when I want to bring the cat out of the bag…nail it on the shot! Then she can pack her things and F*** off from my life for good!”


Ismail:”eish bru…you seriously want to do it this way?you think its a good idea?”


Aqeel:”I think its the best idea…for my own sanity..I’m going mal (crazy) bru…I want it over once and for all…”


Ismail and I agreed…for no other reason but to support aqeel…he nEeded every bit of support possible…


On sunday we were up early and nervous as hell of what the outcome of todays episode might be…it was totally nerve wrecking…


I decided to make a sweet potato and butternut salad to take with as I was taught never to go anywhere empty was just rude..even though aqeel said everything was catered for, I thought it would be best to make something also…


I couldn’t bake something or make a dessert as the day may end way before dessert could even be served….


I left the kids with dadi and them as it wouldn’t have been a very good idea taking them coiuld get really nasty…


We read zuhr and were on our way for the much awaited ‘braai at aqeels and nooris’


41 thoughts on “part 62:

  1. #blogs&coffee says:

    No need to apologise…we totally understand! We all have hectic days x_x
    Anticipating the next post…
    Jazakillah for the double posting 🙂

  2. Aarefah says:

    Omg! Can’t wait for the next post jzk for such an awesome blog 🙂 its a real thriller and teaches us sooo many lessons at the same time!

  3. a95r says:

    Apology? Definitely accepted, infact no need for it, you’re the author but you also have a life to live. We should be thanking you, you’re taking time out everyday to write and post for us.
    Thank you author ({})

  4. a95r says:

    Oh no, I hope this doesn’t get too ugly. Noori and her parents must not make up lies…. X_x. Hope aqeels parents support him through this. Its a hard thing, finding your spouse is disloyal, especially if you were happy in the marriage and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. It scars a person emotionally, and leads to many problems.

  5. Faati says:

    Omw. …atleast he has enough evidence..
    Ahh I feel so sorry for Aqeel*crying* he has to go thru so much coz of this silly crazy Noori agg
    #shocked#*sick*#disgusting#Noori is crazy
    Omw n Salma was correct, atleast it wasn’t false and rumors.. .
    Hope all goes wel for the braai.. ..wish you all the best Aqeel…
    Cnt wait for the next post.. .

  6. Faati says:

    Dear Author

    No need for apology…
    Please make us Maaf for nagging.. .
    We can never have enough of your blog
    You are an excellent writer, and got us hooked,
    Jazakallah for an Amazing awesome blog. ..thank you for the extra post#hugs#

  7. Sister A. says:

    Dear Author, no need 4 apology. Ʋ hav a lyf 2. Don’t stress abt late posts. Post WENEVER Ʋ free2. As long as we gt our daily dose we fyn. ɪ̇Ƒ Ʋ post late no need 4 xtra post 2 mk up. We do njoy dat though (•͡.̮ ~͡).
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا

  8. zana says:

    We thank you author for 2 lovely posts today. You have your own things to do in the day and we understand your family comes 1st.

    All the best aqeel. Inshaa-Allah all goes well and then you and salma can get together (Hehehe) lol😆

  9. rooksana says:

    Author no ned 2 b sori we understand hw lyf can b hectic. Everythg is maaf. Cnnt watch??? I hope dis plan doesn’t back fires 2 aqeel. I hope everythg wrks out da way he plan it. Eish its hectic !!!! Allah save us 4rm those kind of marriage.

  10. ray says:

    Slmz Sister

    Love your posts. You are extremely talented and you always have us hooked.

    Your posts always teach us lessons and show us how to deal with situations well. I would like to comment on an issue that is very prevalent among Muslims. That is the issue of black people being below us Indians. I don’t understand why it is necessary to say that the situation was more sickening because Noori was with an African guy. It should not be like that. Maybe he is Muslim and all Muslims are equal, regardless of race. It should be just as sickening if she was cheating on Aqeel with an Indian guy.

    I don’t mean to sound rude, I just feel this is an issue that needs to be tackled.

    Jazakallah again Sister. You’re doing great!

  11. Sister A. says:

    Glad Ismail & Fay r goin 2 da braai. Aqeel needs da support of his best fren & dey r da only ones who kno ӑℓℓ d facts. At tyms lyk dis 1 needs da support of 1’s famly bt Ʋ neva kno wat reactn he ωɪℓℓ gt frm dem wen ӑℓℓ is revealed. Gud luk Aqeel!

  12. St says:

    Cant wait read from part 1-60 in one afternoon- im soooo hooked- cant wait for next post- dont want anybodys sympathy but this is my escape from my loneliness😘😘

    • Lol…glad u enjoying the blog..feel free to comment whenever you wish to…this blog is everyones as much as it is mine…without you amazing readers, my blog would never be this far…alhamdulillah

  13. Binte Ahmed says:

    Omw,cant wait for nxt post!!!! Nerve-rackin..n no apology needed author,u more than make up for it with all the extra posts! Anticipatin 5 posts tomorrow!!! 🙂

  14. sister/in/islam says:

    5 POSTS 2moro !!!!!!
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً
    To Faati and espescially our beloved author * hugs 2 both of u *
    Too excited I can’t evn sleep !!! Really no need to apologise , we mayb demandin *cant watch* but we r understandin *beeg smile*
    And as the sayin goes – cheaters NEVER succeed !!
    Truth will prevail

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