part 61:


Because of my hectic day today I was unable to post early…to apologize for this I will try to post another post later today inshalah…enjoy!



Ismail:”first of all that rubbish already moved in…..and then from the time you walk in, its so awkward, everyones faces are pulled up and I have to here faaiza this and faaiza that and your wife is like this and…honestly…I can’t take it….why can’t they just forget and damn move on?….they don’t even care that the kids are there….they go on and on about you infront of the kids….why can’t they just be happy for us and make dua for us?”


Me:”babes…why are you letting it get to you? That’s what they want?they want it to irritate you so that when you come back here then we are unhappy and fight and then they’ll get what they want….just be strong and show them that it doesn’t bother you…”


Ismail:”but it does!!!”


Me:”I know it does love…but just act as if it doesn’t….”


Ismail:”she didn’t even have the decency of saying thank you for the flowers or chocolates I took for her…I know she’s my mother but I…..I HATE her”


Me:”babes don’t say that!..she’s your mother…she’s just probably hurt that we’re gone…..please don’t say that…you know I heard a hadith that states:’Let no believing man hate a believing woman,if he hates one trait of her character,he shall be pleased with 

another that is within her’….and your mother does have many good qualities also…”


Not that I could really think of any..she was actually rotten to the last degree..but I couldn’t obviously tell ismail that…I was trying to get him to soften up towards his family….


Me:”anyway babes…Allah is so happy with you for atleast making the effort to go and see them…atleast you’re the better one!”


ismail:(hugging me)”atleast I know I can come here and get comfort from you my love….(Kissing me) jazakallah….(Pause)….I really do want to change..but its really hard…all my old habits…they were a part of me for years, its really really difficult to just change over night..”


Me:”so who said you need to change over night baby?Allah has given you this opportunity before your eyes closed…every person needs to change for the better and it takes our whole lives to change…Allah tests everyone according to their weaknesses…and this was probably your weakness….and you deffinately going to pass this test…I just know it…”


Ismail:”as long as you stick by me with all these bayaans apa(giggle)”


The rest of the weekend we spent packing cupboards and finishing the last few things that needed to be sorted….


This house was quite spacious, there are 4 bedrooms upstairs, 2 of which are en-suite and there are another 2 guest bedrooms downstairs…


So each of my kids can have their own room upstairs..ismail and I have the 1 en-suite and as for the other room,we decided to use it as a toy room for now and later we’ll make it into a nursery for the new baby…


Dada and dadi chose to move downstairs so that we could have the entire upstairs for ourselves….


Aqeel asked to come over on saturday, he needed our advise on what to do…he hadn’t told his parents anything about noori as yet…he wanted enough evidence before he sat everybody down together and present what he’d found..


aqeel looked like a mess when he reached our he hasn’t slept in days, he was clearly crying a lot before he came to us…I really felt sorry for him…he didn’t need to go through all of this..he was just an innocent guy…


We had to help him out wherever we could…it wasn’t fair to leave him to suffer on his own…he needs us now more than he’s ever needed anyone…


Since I got married, he took me like his own sister…but I obviously kept my distance..he was still a naa mahram to me…I’d only speak what was necessary to him and only in ismails presence…I would never be alone with him in the same room…ever…but he had a lot of respect for other woman…


Aqeel was never a flirt…yes he had good words for everyone, but never in a flirtatious way…


He also noticed how ismail would treat me on many occasions and even tried chipping in now and then…but that made ismail more angry and I guess to save their friendship and not make it ugly, he backed off…


Now here was this poor such a serious situation….


Ismail:”what’s up bro?no offence but you look like S***…!”


Aqeel:”I don’t know how to deal with this….the more I try to find out things..the more it hurts..sometimes I feel I shouldve just let it be and not ever find out what’s going on…I can’t even look at her in her face anymore…I feel like how you say I look! like s***! So no offence taken bru…”


Me:”maybe you should just come straight out with it and tell her that you know aqeel…and tell her to go home in a nice way….”


Aqeel:”and let her make a fool out of me?start lies about me to cover up for her faults?and have her whole family and mine pounce on me like I’ve done wrong?no no no…it doesn’t work like that….”


Ismail:”so how much longer you going to do this to yourself bru?”


Aqeel:”not much longer..I’ve found out everything that I needed to…and that’s why I look like this today…I feel sick man!…I found out the worst of the shit this morning…and I have enough evidence…..I’m calling a meeting with everyone tomorrow..”


10 thoughts on “part 61:

  1. Faati says:

    Ouch Ouch heartbroken for poor Innocent Aqeel
    Shame its so sad reality that this is Hapening in our communitys. ..
    May Allah save everybody…
    Shukar he has fay and Ismial at his side.

    Jazakallah author for the post..
    Even thou you were busy you made time for us.. .jazakallah

  2. zana says:

    Aqeel really wants his best friend to be by his side. Hope all goes well for him and he can be saved from further misery from this women.
    May allah guide and save us all from doing such things that will displease our creator

  3. zana says:

    Ismail u gonna do just fine taking baby steps. With a wife like faaiza to stand by you. You will get there with allah’s help Inshaa-Allah.

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