part 60:

Ismail returned from his mother faster than I’d expected….he didn’t come inside but just dropped the kids instead….


Me:”assalaamu alaykum kiddos…how was it at ma’s house?were you guys good?”


Riyaad:”hmm…was okay…but its so boring there..there’s nothing to do…lucky we came home so quickly”


Me:”don’t be rude son….you have to go see ma and papa all the time ok…otherwise they’ll miss you guys too much….where’s daddy lovies?”


Raadiya:”he dropped us off and he went to the masjid to read esha”


Shew…..I almost thought he was in a bad mood….I shouldve went with them, its not that I don’t want to go or I’m trying to be funny but I think my inlaws need abit of space from me…maybe they needed some time with their son and ismail needed some time with his family, incase they needed to talk about things that I wasn’t supposed to know…once things are abit cooled down, I’ll go with them everytime….maybe I’ll even invite them over once a week for supper here….it will be nice…


I have to keep good relations with them….i don’t want my kids forgetting about their grandparents…whatever issues we had needs to stay between us..its not fair that the kids get involved…


I was lying on the bed waiting for ismail to return and fidgeting with my phone..I needed to explore and learn more about how to use it…I made a firm intention that I didn’t want any social networks on my phone…I know its how every person uses it…but I was just really against it….


So no facebook,whatsapp,bbm,twitter etc etc….to me it was just asking for unnecessary trouble..I’d just got my marriage into place.I didn’t want any more problems than I already had…


People might say that they’re only doing good but my argument is all the pictures that are shared on these networks….even if I don’t put any personal pics of myself or my family, everyone else still does..


So if I have salma for example as a whatsapp or bbm contact and salma decides to have her brother or cousin or some naa mahram as her profile pic for some strange reason, or someone else might put up a pic of themselves with their husbands as a profile pic…how haraam would it be for me to have those pictures on my phone?looking at naa mahrams…


I know you probably thinking, but I hardly ever check anyones profile pics….but the truth is its there, on your phone…is it not being sort of unfaithful to your husband in some way..?


Nabi(s.a.w) warned us about a ‘dayooth’….that a dayooth will not enter jannah…that is a person who is in no way bothered about which naa mahrams enter and leave his home or visits his wife….it is a man who has no protectiveness over his wife….


To me having pictures of naa mahrams on your phone and your husband has no problem with it..means that your husband is a dayooth…because to me, its as if though those men are visiting you even in the absence of your husband…


Okay I might sound extreme..but that’s my opinion…and I want to be solely for my husband…I want Allah to be pleased with me all the time…with my marriage, with my every action..because that’s the only way I’m going to find inner peace and contentment….


I have been entrusted with this trust of a phone…so I have to utilise it in a way that will be pleasing to my Allah, to nabi(S.A.W) and to my husband ofcourse, because if my husband is pleased with me upon his death, then my jannah is made…and if he’s displeased with me, then Allah alone knows what my fate will be…


Finally ismail had returned looking quite irritable…I put my phone on the side as he came over to hug me…


Me:”hey babes!what’s wrong?you don’t look as happy as you’ve been all these days…what happened…?.”


Ismail:”(sigh)….I don’t know…..its my mother again…I should never have listened to you and gone, because they’ll never appreciate it….I’ll always come back annoyed like this…and I don’t want to take it all out on you…it won’t be fair…but I’m just so angry!!!(Banging his fist on the side table)”


38 thoughts on “part 60:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Ya Allah! Wat a dilemma! On 1 hand theyr his parents so its only right he keeps goin to visit them,but on the other hand,theyl jst spoil his marriage n relationship with faaiza..wana see how u play this out! 🙂

  2. zana says:

    Its so nice to see ismail going for salaah to the masjid.
    Author you so right about the pic on the phone. Me personally never put pics of myself or kids.
    May allah save us all and guide us all in being good wives to our husbands.
    Ismail must remember that when he gets angry to sit if his standing. Drink a glass of water Or go and make wudhu. Better yet read alot of اءوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم so allah can protect him from shaytaan

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Shaytaan is waiting to pounce and break family ties – and mother in law / daughter in law is a common place ( and sometimes shaytaan doesn’t evn hav2 put much effort der ).
    It is extremely hard for a man to choose between his mother n wife – n if one is putting pressure den he can get mor confused. May اللَّهُ guide him, and all men in this situation, to do what pleases our اللَّهُ and Nabi صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ ….. Dilemma dilemma
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

    • In most cases when a man visits his mother he hears endless of nonsence about his wife and instead of standing up for what’s right, he comes home and takes off with the poor innocent wife….sad….mother in laws and daughter in laws need to both play their part at strengthening the relationship rather than trying to break it

  4. nafissa says:

    Ismails going to need time to adjust to his new way of life,
    BUT IF HIS FIRM WITH HIS INTENTIONS,Then only will he succeed!

  5. a95r says:

    Oh no, trouble, trouble. Faaiza encouraged him to do the right thing and visit his parents… But they didn’t treat him so well…. And now, instead of being patient over his parents faults, he’s telling his wife ‘I should never have listened to you’.
    He’s looking at it the wrong way. We should respect our parents no matter what, even if they are kaafir they should be respected, so what excuse do you have when they are Muslim??
    On the day of qiyaamah we will be questioned whether we fulfilled the rights of others, not whether they fulfilled our rights, so we should do our duty no matter how hard it might be.
    He’s performing his salah in the masjid, الحمد لله without even being reminded.
    So right about the pictures, we should not even take the photos in the first place, let alone putting it up for everyone to see.
    There is a hadith something to the effect that the most severely punished person on the day of qiyamah will be the one who captures images(of animate objects, in the form of paintings, photos, models etc).
    We should always try to keep our focus on the aakhirah. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq.
    OK now my comment is waaayyyy too long, I’ll stop typing now. Lol

  6. a95r says:

    Whew! Sorry I knew it was long, but now when its posted it looks longer. Guess I was just excited to have time to read the blog and comment.

  7. Faati says:

    Omw poor Ismial is in such a dilemma
    May allah make it easy for him.. .
    Its so difficult to have such horrible nasty parents.that just makes your life dificult. .
    Hope they become understanding and Allah grant them hidayat and soften they hearts. .

    Fay you are so strong, please motivate him to still go and you go with him.. .

  8. yumz says:

    Just what is the amtter with Ismails mother why cant she just not make Ismail upset. im glad tho that he knows it would be rong to take out whatever his mother said or did on his wife.

  9. Aarefah says:

    Allah reward you for bringing up the social networking issue. Its a sad reality its not permissible to even take out pics or store pics of animate objects ,people etc. Allah save us all from this fitnah . Aameen

    • Ameen…its sad how something this haraam has become such a norm in todays society..everybody is caught in this great evil..even myself at times..may Allah give us the ability to stay away…ameen

  10. Aarefah says:

    Also by putting up pictures of children and babies ,there is a great possiblity of them getting effected by the evil eye resulting in them getting sick, being troublesome etc. May allah protect us

    • Deffinitely true…then we want to ask ourselves why our kids are crying so much…Also what I’ve heard ppl have now started to put up pics of their scans..of their unborn baby..that is just totally ridiculous

  11. Binte Ahmed says:

    Ameen so true,ppl put up personalised statuses with pics n all,not knowin how much jealousy there is out there,n that half the ppl viewin their pics wont even b happy for them..the evil eye is so common nowadays..Allah save us all

  12. Binte Ahmed says:

    No post yet? Lol sorry for soundin impatient,jst wana know wat happens nxt..i guess I hav a baaadd case of addiction,lol!!! 😛

  13. Faati says:

    Post 61 were you!
    Awaiting your arrival.. .
    Impatient Yoh, Cnt w8 for the next post.. .
    We Got to have some sabr today…

    • a95r says:

      Yes, patience is a virtue. Lol. But its sooo hard when waiting for forever a mess up. What’s gonna happen next???

      • a95r says:

        Sorry author, we know it takes time to write. Not complaining, just expressing anticipation! Thanks again for the wonderful blog and the 5 posts a day days. 🙂

      • The writing is not what takes time..that shukr takes me about 15mins max..its the problem of getting the 15 minutes to do it…my life is just too too hectic..but I love posting…and reading your guys amazing comments..they just make my everyday go so smoothly..jx

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