part 59:


This Is mondays post….just incase my day gets abit hectic and I don’t get to post early enough….enjoy and I hope you all have an amazing week ahead with loads of barakah and success..ameen!



Friday morning I was up early..I wanted to start in the kitchen before dadi does..its not fair that she’s been cooking and baking almost everyday since we moved in..but she’s so quick and doesn’t give me a chance….


I put up some dhar to boil, washed my rice, soaked a pack of mutton and was busy chopping up my onions when dadi walked in…


Dadi:”bachu what you doing up so early?and so busy in the kitchen already?”


Me:”todays your day off dadi…and from today onwards I don’t want to see you in the kitchen anymore ok?”


Dadi:”(giggling)bachu…do you even know your dadi?the day I don’t come in the kitchen will be qiyamat..and I don’t want you to work so hard,you expecting..must look after yourself otherwise before you get old, you’ll already have back problems ne handu(and everything)”


Me:(laugh)”dadi…I’m only expecting…not dying….pregnancy is not a sickness…I’m not like other girls…who are already holding their backs and walking with their tummies pushed forward when they only 5 weeks pregnant…”


Dadi:”you know you just like your mother…your mother was the same…when she was expecting you I used to shout her to rest but she just used to laugh and she worked so hard till the day she went into labour”


I smiled at the mere mention of my mother…its been ages since I’ve spoken to anyone about mummy or daddy…there was always no-one to speak to about it..ismail was never the type to talk about these things with me…


Me:”dadi, mummy was your daughter in law…howcome you liked her so much?mother in laws and daughter in laws always hate eachother…”


Dadi:”your mummy was a very good woman….she looked after me and dada from the first day…she looked after your daddy also so well….she had so much loving with everyone and she was very pretty lady…just like you….you look just like your mummy”


Me:”but dadi you also a very good woman to treat her so well when she wasn’t even your own daughter…”


Dadi:”ofcourse she was my poiree(daughter)…when she married your daddy she became my poiree and I loved her very much…”


I just sighed…I tried everything my mother did but my mother in law was never pleased with me…I just can’t understand why…but then again they were never pleased with their own son so how would they ever be pleased with a stranger..?!.


This new me had to keep on being reminded that it was not my fault..that I’d tried but some people were born evil and mean….and one of those people was my mother in law….


Ismail hasn’t been to his mothers house to visit since we left… I’m going to make sure that he takes the children and visits for a while…its only fair..he needs to remember the importance of a mother no matter how evil she is…..he needs to be the better one so that Allah can forgive him and grant him jannah and Allah will deal with his mother separately for her wrong doings…


After lunch that day I decided to give shafeeqa a call…its been years since I’ve spoken to her…but she was still the same bubbly and vibrant person she always was…she was very pleasant and always had good words….


I didn’t tell her for exactly whom I needed a psychologist, I just asked her if she knew any male psychologists nearby…


Ironically her fiance was also a psychologist..they were at campus together..she was in her first year when he was in her last and that’s how they met…they’ve been engaged for almost 2 years and will be getting married 3 months from now….


The only problem is that ahmed(her fiance) was all the way in centurion…I took his details from shafeeqa and promised her that I’d be in touch…after giving her my number(yes I was over the moon that I had a a teenager I know)…I went to ismail to ask him what he thinks about going all the way to centurion…


Ismail:”babes I’m sure it should be will just be once a week for an hour..I’m sure we can work something out..”


I sat ismail down and sort of tried to encourage him to visit his mum this evening..I told him to take the kids, who were not very eager to go and maybe buy his mum a bunch of flowers..maybe it will cheer her up abit…maybe…just mayyybe


Me:”I know you don’t want to baby…but please… it for your one and only love of your life…(Big smile)”


Ismail:(sighing)”did you have to put it that way baby?you taking advantage of how much I love you…..(Pause)…okay okay…I’ll go..but just for a short while”


20 thoughts on “part 59:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    I was only gone for FEW HOURS n sooo much has happend !!
    Btw I heard the word ‘ QUIT ‘ !!!!! — #talk to the hand# …….. I don’t think I’ll allow that soo soon now – ‎​ℓ☺ℓ … ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…ƗƗɐƗƗɐ…
    Dearest Author !! U write very very well , اللَّهُ has blessed u wid a special gift of captivating ur audience who can’t seem to get enuf – no matter how many posts u grant us wid !!!
    Plz plz consider us – and that ur blog is like a breath of fresh air – the other blogs have no lessons to learn , encourage intermingling and many other haraam activities.
    May اللَّهُ continue 2 reward u abundantly and make it a means of sadqa e jaariya for u and ur family – ‎​​​آمين

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚
    A very very addicted fan !!

    • Lol…I won’t dissappoint u guys by quitting…but if u guys decide to quit on me 😦 then I will just have to say goodbye…

      Allah give me sincerity in all my actions…ameen!

      I really do enjoy writing….

  2. zana says:

    Dadi is a perfect example of how mil should be. But it works both ways.
    Faaiza is a goid daughter in law to want ismail to visit his mother. Just hope the witch doesn’t go on for herself when he goes for a visit

  3. zana says:

    Jazakallah. Hope u and all the readers have a super week too

    Ismail please be strong when u go mums house. Don’t let her get to you. Remember you becoming a better person

  4. Nafissa says:

    Loving d happy couple!
    It is important dat Ismail visits his mother,but not so sure how shes gna react…hope it doesn’t trigger anything.

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Yea hopefully the witch wont sway him to her side,after him only tryin to b good..dadi is so understandin n nice mashaAllah,wish all mils were like her,n all daughter inlaws like the world aint perfect so ul get the good n the bad..alhamdulillah I got the good 🙂 shukr…

  6. Ah, so important for the wife to remember that without the mother their would be no husband. No matter what mother-in-laws may do, it’s vital to remember that Jannah lies at the mother’s feet for her husband. May Allah help us always to encourage our husbands to make khidmat of our in laws and may we have the strength to do so as well. Our reward will insha Allah be in the Aakhirah.

  7. Sister A. says:

    It’s gud dat Fayy is encourgin Ismail 2 visit his mum. Wen others treat us badly we shud not stoop 2 their level & bhave °̩и da same manner 2wards dem. We shud always try 2 b better dan dem. °̩и situations lyk dis, a short visit nw & again is fyn °̩и order 2 maintain kinship. He does not need 2 go & spend hours on Εn∂ wid dem.
    Daadi is a gud exampl of a gud MIL. Wunder wats gona hapen wen he goes 2 his mums.

    • Yes its very important for wives to encourage their hubbies.nowadays the girls swear their mum in laws infront of their man is going to love a woman who hates his mother…

  8. Shabana says:

    Only catching up on all the posts now, and it’s getting better and better 🙂
    Astounded by Ismail’s overnight transformation. Easy Come, Easy Go. I fear for Faaiza.
    However… #TeamIsmail
    whoop whoop 🙂
    Keep going, don’t quit on your loyal readers and fellow teachers who also laugh at their phones in class when you post 🙂

  9. Faati says:

    Fay is such a wonderful,Caring,loving,inspiring, matured young lady..
    I wish we can have loads of people in this world like Fay….
    Aww its so good to motivate your husbands to phone they parents if they live far away. ..
    Even to plan ur trips once to your in laws, once to your parents.. .creates so much unity, equality, muhabbat. ….
    Even Exchange gifts to each other so you can have love and muhabat. ..
    It is so importnt to keep contact with your family, life is to short, rather take advantage while everyone is alive, then realising wat you’ve lost when seeing an empty chair..

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