part 58:


This extra post is because I’ve reached 30 000 views already……yipppeee!!!!!!jx all you very wonderful people for reading this blog….:))))


But then he broke the tension also….


Aqeel:”so salma……whens the big day?who’s the lucky owe?”


Salma:”nah…unfortunately not so lucky yet….still waiting for mr.perfect…”


And I just of those fake ones that only salma knew what I meant by it…


Ismail:”babes you okay?”


Me:(clearing my throat)yeah…just something stuck in my throat…oh no!look at the time…I need to still read asr…”


I neatened up the kitchen and stacked the dishes in the dishwasher and salma and I went up to read asr leaving ismail and aqeel to talk…


Dadi refused to let anyone leave so salma and aqeel ended up joining us for supper and left immediately after….


When ismail returned from esha I told him what salma had told me today…he was so angry…he said aqeel has been checking on her and taking out phone statements etc trying to catch her..he’s got some info…but not enough….he checked her phone once or twice but found nothing…he suspects that she’s probably got a another phone or something…she’s not stupid…she’s been covering up for quite some time now…


Ismail doesn’t know if he can tell aqeel something this bad…and we don’t even know how true it is…


We decided that we’ve done our duty to tell him, the rest is for him to find out on his own….


Ismail:”but if the topic comes up again, I will bring this up…”


Me:”just don’t tell him how you know please”


Ismail:”baby?do you know me to be a panchaat?(Giggle)”


Actually I didn’t…I know ismails not the type to get into the finer details of things…


Ismail:”you know I read you that hadith earlier about a pious wife being the greatest commodity?”




Ismail:”well I read it in a kitaab that I’m quite engrossed in…its about marriage and the relation between husband and wife etc…and I came across another hadith also while I was reading that said:Nabi (SAW) said to this effect that:”I (SAW) have not left any trial after Me (SAW) more injurious to men than women…I suppose this hadith is so apt for aqeel….its a tough one to be dealing with but thank god there’s no kids involved as yet..he can run if he needs to”


Me:”So what you’re trying to say love?(In a playful tone)..if we didn’t have kids you wouldn’t also ran?(Raising my eyebrows)”


Ismail grabbed me and pulled me to the bed, looked me in my eye and came so close to kissing me before he said:


“I would be the most stupid person to live on this earth if I ever ran from the biggest blessing Allah has ever given me”


16 thoughts on “part 58:

  1. a95r says:

    Wow! I go offline for a few days, and so much drama!
    Aww he’s really trying to be a better person and faaiza is supporting him, so much wisdom in her decision to forgive his past and concentrate on the present and future. We can’t change what happened, but we can control our attitude about it and try our best for the future.
    Thanks author, awesome blog, one of the best. ({})

    • Why did you go offline silly…was missing your feedback…I don’t know what I’d do without you readers…you have no idea how much of motivation you give me..everytime I wana quit…I read your guys comments and quickly start typing another post…lol

  2. Sister A. says:

    Noooo!!!! Pleeeeezzzz don’t eva think of quitting. Ʋ doin a gr8 job! Jus 4 ur info, I read other blogs 2 bt don’t comment on ӑℓℓ. Beeg Hug.

  3. rooksana says:

    Dnt quit u have allah help. U doin a wonderful job kep it up. Alhumdulillah faaiza n ismail finally bonded. ????

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Yea same here,i dnt comment on every blog I read, jst a few n this is one of them so dnt quit! Lol..
    So true about women,it comes in a hadith that women r the traps of shaytaan,n when a woman leaves her house,shaytaan eyes her,thinkin of ways to deviate men through her..thats y its so important for women to observe the proper laws of hijab n niqab when leaving the house..Allah says,dnt even go near zina,let alone doin the actual act of observin niqab,its cuttin off the roots of zina,instead of lettin it flourish,then attemptin to cut off the comes in a hadith that when a person commits zina,imaan leaves his body n hovers above his head,n when he stops commitin zina,imaan re-enters his body..Allah guide us all,n save us from any act of zina..ameenXxX

    • How scary…may Allah save us all as zina has reached a point I’m sure even the sahaba would never had imagined…its quite disgusting….in todays time, if you choose the path of morality you are always looked upon as strange or weird.may Allah protect us from all fitnah

  5. Faati says:

    Congrats mashallah on 30 000hits Alhamdulilah. …
    Your blog is Amazing…
    Keep up the great work..
    You are really talented.. .

  6. Faati says:

    Please beloved Author don’t ever stop your blog.. .your blog is on my top 5 list. ..
    And I dnt comment on all blogs but simply love your blog so I just Cnt resist yapping..
    When you stoped silent living I was so depressed, sad and heartbroken.. .

    If you have to ever stop please end your blog and start a new one.. .

    • Everyone can stop stressing…I am not was just a thought….lol…I don’t think I have it in me to start a new will all end up the same..I rather stick to one blog and move over to different aspects of life

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