part 57:

Salma:”I heard some nasty rumours about his wife noori….someone was saying that she was madly in love with some zimbabwean drug lord…he’s stinking rich…but the problem is he’s african and not even muslim”


My eyes widened…..”WHAT?…eeew”


Salma:”yeah..exactly….and then her brothers found out….normally her brothers are like big shots and want to fight with everyone..but this guys a bigger shot than them….”


This was getting very interesting…


Salma:”so they decided, the only way to get her away from this guy is by getting her married as fast as possible…”


Me:”no wonder they rushed the whole thing with aqeel last year..poor aqeel”


Salma:”ya!but it gets better…wait!….now the rumours are that she’s still checking this guy behind everyones back….they still doing their thing….”


I felt really bad….was that who’s car she was getting off that day?we didn’t get to see him because it was dark and we were a few cars away and his back was facing us all the time…and his car had tinted windows…


Salma:”hellooo?did you hear what I just said?”


Me:”huh?yeah….that’s crap man!!I don’t think aqeel even knows anything about this guy…I’m sure he wouldve mentioned something to ismail otherwise…”


Salma:”that’s why you have to tell ismail…and something needs to be done about this…aqeels a really good guy..he’ll be devastated if he knows”


Ismail:”who’ll be devastated to know what?(Holding me around my neck from the back of my chair and kissing me)..thanks for the coffee sweetheart”


Salma and I just looked at eachother…not knowing whether nows the time or not…


Salma:”oh just some guy that came to see me…nothing you’d be interested in…”


I looked at her weirdly….and tried not to laugh..


Ismail:”babes aqeel just called to say that he’s coming over, he needs to talk to me about something..will you manage to make him a cup of your yummy coffee please?”


Salma smirked…


Me:”jee sure…”


Once ismail was out of the kitchen salma looked at me…truth be told, salmas had the hots for aqeel since ismail and I knew eachother…they got on well with eachother but obviously aqeel or ismail had no idea about salmas little crush….


I was hoping the 2 of them would get married so that we could be the best friends…but then this whole thing with noori happened and aqeel had no option but to go ahead with it….


Salma:”shew!lucky I didn’t say anything….cos now he’s coming over…what if ismail told him something….I feel so bad for him”


Me:”I’m sure you do (cynical smile)…but…..he already knows some of what you’ve told me…..”


Salma:”WHAT?oh my god!how?”


Me:”sit down drama queen!(Rolling eyes)…we seen her getting off someones car last week and smooching him in the middle of nowhere…but we didn’t see who it was…and ismail told him”


Salma:”oh no!poor aqs….he doesn’t deserve this crap…he’s not like other guys..he’s so decent..he might not be everyones cup a tea..but he’s got a real good heart…”


Me:”mmmm…and I’m sure you’d know hey(playful smile)”


Salma:”shurrup woman!”


Me:”well look at the bright side here…you 2 still have a chance then…”


Salma:”are you crazy???just….urgh…shoosh(blushing)”


Me:”oooooh laalaa…and what do I see there?is someone blushing?”


Just then ismail and aqeel walked in and salma shot me a wicked look…


Aqeel:”hey!salaams ladies….salma?long time no see man….what’s been happening..?”


I had the cheeziest smile plastered on my face but no-one could see cos my back was facing them while I poured aqeels coffee into his cup….


Ismail:”mind if we join you ladies here in the kitchen?I’m sure you had enough time to catch up…I’m missing my wife now…”


Aqeel:”ey bro!you better tell me what’s the secret to having such a lekker marriage..”


Aqeel looked down…not his normal self…what he just said made everyone and everything tense…no-one said anything…


18 thoughts on “part 57:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Oooh SALMA !!!
    I no divorce is not a good thing – but if she’s promiscuous n a bad influence den I wud say VALID !! N den wedding bells for Salma n Aqeel !!
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    • Lol….I deff agree with u on that…in ismail and faaizas case divorce wasn’t necessary but in aqeel and nooris case it would most deffinitely be…just trying to point out different aspects so that ppl understand that divorce isn’t always a bad thing…sometimes it need to be done

  2. rooksana says:

    Wow!!!! Cnnt wait 4 nxt post. Mayb aqeel is gnna divorce. Den wen everythg is calm he can do a samoosa run 2 salma ????

  3. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh no!poor aqeel..again y ppl shudnt force their kids to marry who they want only..well,hed rather get divorced,salmas waitin for him 😉

  4. Faati says:

    Omw Noori is really messed up.. .
    Shame feel so sorry for Aqeel may Allah guide him to what is good for him..
    Shukar he has Ismial at his side…
    Ooh Salma you have a really bad crush on Aqeel

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