part 55:

I can’t believe ismail finally bought me a phone….he’s really taking this change thing to a whole new level…plus not just any phone but a samsung galaxy S4………oooooh gooody!


The next day we needed to get started with all this packing and sorting out…Ismail insisted that we do most of the work by the weekend as monday he was starting work…


I needed to find shafeeqas number(my school friend-the psychologist)….the only person that’s been in contact with the world was salma….but I know how ismail hated me contacting salma and besides she’s probably so mad at me for not getting back to her about the picnic..she did say she had something urgent to tell me….


Me:”babes….I was thinking…the….only person…ummm..who would probably have shafeeqas number would be salma…?!I don’t know where else to get her number from…”(Nervous that he might flip at the mere mention of salmas name)


Ismail:(busy trying to fix one of riyaads remote control cars that got abit damaged while packing)so then?ask her for it(not even looking up at me)”


Me:”umm(smile)…you sure?cos you know you always say that you don’t want me to have anything to do with salma”


Ismail:”babes…..(Smile)…aren’t we starting a new chapter in our life?I wouldn’t have got you a phone if I didn’t want you keeping in touch with anyone…you also need a life, friends, a hobby to keep you occupied now and then…as long as you don’t go overboard or do anything silly which I know you won’t do..I trust you..(Giving me a small kiss and walking away to find riyaad)”


I dialled salmas house number from dadis landline(I need to stop saying dadis and dadas…I have to get used to the fact that I now live here and everythings ours too)…


Salma:”salaams my beloved dadiiii…(she probably seen dadis number on her caller ID…she also called dadi dadi…like I said..we knew eachother for like forever)”


Me:”sorry to burst your bubble dear…but its just me..not dadi”




Me:”can you chill abit sweety…I’m perfectly fine..alhamdulillah…actually..I’ve NEVER been better than this”


Salma:”shew…okay…so what are you doing at dadis house?how long you going to be there for?I really need to see you…I haven’t seen you in ages”


Me:”well…I’m going to be here…err…forever….(Giggle)”


Salma:”WHAT?WHY?I told you something happened…is it that scumbag of a husband again?”


Me:”who ismail?oh….he’s just the sweetest husband anyone could ever have…”


Salma:”woman!do you have a fever or something?somethings really not sounding ok…I’m convinced…I’m coming over right now…make sure my coffees ready in the next 10mins…(And she cut the call)”


I couldn’t help but laugh to myself..just then ismail walked past…


Ismail:”and now babes?what’s so funny?”




Ismail:”why?what happened?”


Me:”its nothing…she’s convinced I have a fever or something…she thinks somethings up…she just finds it weird that I’m here and I’m going to be staying forever…she thinks we having a problem again…”


Ismail:”well its about time we show everyone that we the happiest couple living….(And he held me around my waist from the back and kissed me on my cheek…)”


Me:”(turning to face him)its going to take time but everyones going to see what an amazing man you are..and I’m going to make sure of that”


We had our moment and then I heard someone coming downstairs…not that it was wrong,he is my husband after all…but just out of respect we don’t do all these touchy touchy things infront of other people…as muslims we need to have some kind of modesty…


It was dadi…ismail and I quickly let go of eachother before dadi could see us and we just smiled shyly at eachother…


Me:”salmas on her way here to see if I’m not going a little insane or something…I’m going to make some coffee..anyone want some?”


Dadi:”what coffee coffee?mustnt drink that…come dadi make you some nice cher(tea) not good for the baby you know…”


I gave dadi a hug and smiled..”I know dadi…jazakallah”


I made some coffee for ismail and salma while dadi made me some yummy masala tea..she always used to make her own tea masala..that’s one thing I need to learn from dadi one of these days…


I heard salmas hooter and peeped out of the window to make sure it was her before opening up…


Ismail:”oh this is going to be fun….(Smirk)..”


I know exactly what ismails going to do..he’s going to make salma think she’s seeing things….I would just love to see her expression of how things are changing….I’m really loving every part of this…:))))


13 thoughts on “part 55:

  1. zana says:

    U so right about having modesty. Today so many don’t have that respect for the people around them. They just carry on with themselves not worrying who is watching them.
    Its reallyvnice to read how happy they are. Makes me feel happy also and puts a big smile on my face

  2. Sister A. says:

    Hmmm! So tru. Hayaa & respect r lacking °̩и our community 2day. 😦
    Ooooh!!!! Sounds lyk we °̩и 4 sum fun nw wid Ismail & Fay (•͡.̮ ~͡). Can’t wait!

    • Yip…couples think there’s nothing wong with smooching and all that in public..because they’re now in nikaah…but still its awkward for people around them to be watching all that..

  3. Faati says:

    Oooh like newly wed couple
    May Allah grant muhabat to all couples. .
    So happy to see a change in they life. .
    Finally he has realised how important it is to keep in contact, with family or friends. .
    This post made my weekend *smiling*

  4. Faati says:

    Wow he has bought her a phone and such a smart one.. ..very after hardship cums ease.. .
    Time for fay to be loved by her adorable Ismial

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    I knew it!!! 🙂 so sweet of ismail… Very true about haya,somethin very lackin in our society these days..Allah save us..

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