part 54:


Welcome to all the readers in pakistan….hope you enjoy the read…:))

Soooo sorry..this post was meant to come out this morning already but I had some technical problem….soooo..rather late than never 😉


I looked out of window and noticed a few homeless kids playing on the side of the road…I marvelled at the sight of them….they had nothing but were so carefree and happy and peaceful all at the same time…


I wondered why they were left on the street..did they have parents?did the parents abandon them and that’s why they were left to loiter on their own?


How do parents abandon their kids?how does a mother abandon or abuse her own child?after 9 months of carrying your child in your stomach…going through all the challenges of being pregnant..the morning sickness, the cramps, the aches, the restless nights, the expanding belly….and then the labour pains followed by a tiring and painful labour and sometimes the pain of stitches or C-cut….how does a woman have the heart to let go of that child after all of that?


Our children are a trust unto us..they were given to us as our responsibility…to nurture them, teach them, grow them to be perfect human beings…


I heard a hadith once before when I attended the local ta’leem…something to the effect that “every one of you are shepards…and each one of you will be questioned regarding your flock”


A shepard is one of sternness, but compassion at the same time…


I then moved my sight onto a rather rowdy lot of children,probably around 10 years old who were jumping off a red golf 7 GTI….one of the kids was yelling at the person sitting in the drivers seat who looked old enough to be his father….the last of the 3 banged the car door closed as he got off..each one of them was holding one of the latest cellphones in their hand….and they all walked with pride….


At the age of approximately 10?you have cellphones?you yell at someone older than you?you walk with pride?this concerned me…what was becoming of our youth…does money make you feel like you own the world?


To me, I could say the street kids owned the world more than these rich spoilt buggers…they had nothing but were content with having nothing…whereas the rich kids had everything by the looks of it….but to me they had nothing…they would never know true value….because they just got whatever they wanted…they didn’t have to sacrifice to get anything…


I unconsciously had my hand on my tummy..almost as if though I was trying to protect my little fetus from the harshness and corruption of this filthy world we living in…


I was so deep in thought that I didn’t realise that ismail was back already…until I was distracted by him placing a neatly pink wrapped box on my lap, tied with a silver ribbon…


Ismail:”so deep in thought my love?is everything ok?(Looking down at me holding my belly)”


I snapped out of it immediately and looked curiously at the box…


Me:”aaaand?…what’s this supposed to be?(With the biggest smile plastered over my face)


Ismail:”just a little something for tlhe sweetest wife anyone could ever have…(Gorgeous smile that made me melt)”


I can’t even remember the last time ismail bought me a gift….it was probably before we even got married..then he used to buy me gifts all the time…but once you get married..things become a very rare novelty….


I carefully unwrapped the box…I was always very particular about how I’d open a gift…the giver probably spent so much of time and effort wrapping it up for you…how unfair to just tear their efforts apart…lol…ok that’s just me and my silly feelings for wrapping paper…


Once I was done unwrapping I found a black box…


I was ecstatic….without even opening it I already knew what it was..I wanted to pounce on ismail for giving me this…


But I decided to first open it and double check that it was what I thought it was….


And when I opened it…oh my god!!!!!!!!!I couldn’t believe it….


16 thoughts on “part 54:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Its a cellphone!!!!!!!!! Awww im so happy for faaiza, all her dreams r finally coming true..surely after every difficulty comes ease.. We just gotta place our faith in Allah n trust Him to do the best for us.. Inspiring post authoress!!! I was wonderin wat happened coz no post today, kept checkin my phone lol..but beta late than never…

  2. zana says:

    Its so true the kids of today have so much to be thankful for but they lack so much may allah guide us as parents in instilling good character and Morals in our children
    So happy for faaiza. She deserves every happiness that is to come.

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Soo sweet – she’s really enjoying dis new bond between her n Ismail n she deserves all the pampering !!!
    We really hav2 concentrate on proper upbringing of children as they r our future flag bearers of Islam … How will our deen flourish if we neglect them n don’t giv dem the right education .. Not only learning but in practise also — parents hav no time for kids n feel as tho’ dey r burdens – ‎​أَسْتَغْفِرُ الَّلهْ

    We wil b answerable for our kids !!! We must make the utmost effort – may اللَّهُ guide us and our kids on Siraatal Mustaqeem ( the straight part ) ‎​​​آمين

    • Ameen..yip its so true…as hard as it is to bring kids up in the correct manner..its extremely important..we should realise that whatever wrong they do in their lives, the sin will be on us…are we willing to be burdened with that rather than the burden of looking after them correctly in this world?

  4. Sister A. says:

    Soo Happy 4 Faaiza. After ӑℓℓ she’s been through she deserves ӑℓℓ da happiness °̩и da world.
    Sad but true ,dis is da condition of da youth 2day. A strict Deeni upbringing wid lots of effort is required 2 produce gud Muslim children who ωɪℓℓ grow in2 gud adults. This is also a challenge 4 parents °̩и dis tym & age. MaY ﷲ mk it easy 4 -1 & ӑℓℓ. ​آمِيْن

    • Actually in todays time when you discipline your children and are abit strict on them people start pasiing comments like ‘you can’t be too strict on them, you need to give them freedom nowadays’ me the more freedom you give your kids, the more they take advantage..there should be a balance and limits to everything

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