part 46:

Dada:”who..who is there?”


Me:”(huffing)..dada…dada its me..please open up for me…”


Dada:”fay?bachu?wait wait I’m coming”


Dada was there faster than I thought he would…I ran into his arms and sobbed uncontrollably..dada took me quickly into the house where we reached a worried dadi…


Dadi:”bachu?what happened?look at how you child…how did you get here?”


I couldn’t speak..I just cried..this is the first time they’d seen me like this..they never imagined that it was ismail that I was running from at this crazy hour,because I’d never mentioned anything before about any of our previous problems…


I just couldn’t speak..I was feeling terribly weak…dada sat and held me in the lounge while dadi went to make me something warm to drink…


They respected that I wasn’t ready to say anything, inspite of them being as worried as hell…they didn’t know what to think..but they waited for me to say the first words…


I drank up my tea and sniffled the last few tears that were left to take out..


Me:”I…I…I’m sorry!(Whispering)”


Dada:”sorry for what my child?what are you sorry about?”


Me:”I’m sorry…its so late…I woke you up..(Pause)..I…I..came to scare you this (hiccup) late at night…”


Dadi:”don’t ever say that bachu..don’t ever say that…we are here for are our child do you hear me…its rather that you came to us….”


Dada:”you ready to talk about what happened?or do you want to rest?and we can talk in the morning?”


Me:”its…I don’t know where to start dada..its ismail…we’ve been having some problems and we were fighting again tonight and he told me to leave…”


Dada:”but why?did something happen?did you do something very bad my child for him to tell you this late at night to leave?..”


I related what had happened to dada and dadi who just shook their heads in disbelief…


Dada:”ismail?(Confused)I don’t understand…is that all that happened?are you not missing something?its just very strange..”


Once I got down to explaining to them about a couple more episodes that we’ve had in the past, I could see anger and hurt in their eyes…


Dadi:”why didn’t you ever tell us?you know abuse shouldn’t be hidden..its dangerous…what if he kills you oneday..?!”


Me:”then I’m better off dadi..I’ll be with mummy and daddy..(Sob)”


Dada:”don’t say that my child..I know its hard..but it will get sorted inshalah…”


Me:”I just didn’t want to make a big thing about it..I was scared to tell anyone..I didn’t want him to get more angry…I didn’t want to involve everyone in my problems..I thought I could sort it out myself…(Sigh) but I was wrong..I couldn’t sort it out..I don’t even know what to do…”


Dada:”look poiree…just get some sleep..let’s think it through and I’ll give him a call in the morning…I need to give him a fair chance too you know..listen to his side of the story..”


I wonder what he would say about this whole thing..that I’m crazy probably..there’s no winning with him…he’s so conniving…so convincing.anyone will believe what he says..people like me just have to suffer for the rest of our lives…


Dadi made sure I slept with her for the night so she could check up on me..she said I kept on getting shocks in my sleep and she heard me wailing a few times too…


the next day dada tried calling ismail…but he refused to take dadas calls…and when dada called at the shop, he said he’s busy and will call back later..


Days went by…weeks infact…5 weeks to be calls from ismail even to check if I was okay..if my unborn baby was okay..and this killed much as he hurt me, this separation was torturous…I’m sure he knew that and that’s why he was doing it…


Everyday I would wake up thinking that today he would call or come begging for me to come back..but everyday would go pass and he just wouldn’t…


I tried calling a few times from dadis landline..but ofcourse when he seen the number he wouldn’t answer..


I tried calling a few times from an unknown number and when he hears its my voice he drops the call until eventually he even stop taking unknown calls..


Until 5 weeks after the episode dada received a call that really shook him….


31 thoughts on “part 46:

  1. zana says:

    Daadi and daada are so supportive. If it was someone else they would have made such a big thing noise and performed.
    Faaiza really went thru a lot😕 at least she told them about her problems
    I wonder whats the big news

    • Yip me too..wish I had a dadi and dada and nani and nana..unfortunately they’ve all left this world..may Allah grant them jannah inshallah…except for my dadi who’s still alive…never got to meet any of my grandfathers sadly

  2. zana says:

    Didn’t ismail say earlier his parents made him her faaiza 1 talaaq. Which he didnt want to do. This mil only loves het daughter and not ismail

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Its soo hard for parents and g/parents to see their children goin thru problems like this !! But shukr for her they r soo understanding . Makes it slightly easier to handle . She’s very strong – any other lady wudhv had a nervous breakdown !!!!

    *shew* really hectic stuff !!
    May اللَّهُ help any1 whose goin thru any kind of marital problems – give them muhabbat with spouses , and make them the coolness of each others eyes – ‎​​​آمين

    ‎​​الحمد لله Really enjoyin ur story – as usual !! Keep up the excellent work
    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 
 ┉┈┈┈♡♡ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣̊°˚

  4. Faati says:

    Yoh yoh
    Ismial had a hectic passs…
    Poor faiza went thru sooo much
    imagine 5weeks and no contact wid ismial…
    Stresss +she was expecting so sad..

  5. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow,havnt commented past few posts,jst takin it all in lol..n yay,extra posts again tomorrow!!! 🙂 will every person who reaches 50 get to choose? Hopefully 😛
    Chasin his preggy wife out of his hse at 2 in the morning??? Does he hav a heart or a stone? Surprisin faaiza stayed with him thru all that,some1 else would hav run long time ago..n then to keep lovin such a guy..shes got good traits mashaAllah.. Waitin for nxt post!!! 🙂

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