part 44:


And last but not least….is post 5 of 5 posts in one day… my brain is rusted… post or posts 😉 tomorrow inshalah..hope u all ,especially rooksana enjoyed the 5 posts today…just doesn’t come everyday hey 😀


Welcome aboard all readers in jordan…:)



It was a thursday night to be specific…my inlaws had left that morning for mozambique to attend a wedding of one of my father in laws cousins sons…ismail had to open up and close shop for the rest of the few days till they returned on monday..


I still remember, I cooked his favourite portugese chicken with mini garlic pitas and a yummy creamy pasta to go with it…


I waited and waited for him to come was already 7 and he still wasn’t home whereas usually the latest he’d ever come home was 5:45….I tried calling at the shop but the phone just rang…at around 6 I got worried and called his cell….but it also just rang…I was in a panic…what if something happened to him?…I’m sure he’d call if he was going to be late…so I tried again and again at 15 minute intervals…


He knew I was alone at home and 6 months pregnant…..he would never intentionally just ignore my calls…


At exactly 7:15 I heard his car pull up into the driveway and the garage opening…


I was hungry by now…never leave a pregnant woman hungry for too long..I was scared and worried aswel…


Ismail walked in casually as if he was walking in at the normal apology or anything of that sort..that ticked me off even more..


Me:”where have you been babes?I’ve been trying to call you for the past hour and a half…”


Ismail:”(casually)I was busy..”


That was it?that’s all he could tell me?while I waited like an idiot for more than 2 hours…no explanation?no sorry?my blood was already boiling…


Me:”busy with what?couldn’t you atleast call?or answer my calls?I’m waiting here for so long all alone..”


Ismail:”oh shut up you nag!I don’t need your freaking nagging this time of the day…I told you I was blady busy..(Starting to walk upstairs)”


Me:”where you going now?aren’t you coming to eat?I’ve already warmed the food like 3 times..”


Ismail:”stuff your freaking food!!I’m not in the mood to eat…can a man not get some peace around here?”


Rubbish!I hate this heartless dog!why the hell does life have to be like this?


I suddenly also didn’t feel like eating…I packed the food away angrily and cleared up the table…I was feeling so hurt and emotional….


I went upstairs and layed on the bed crying my heart out..I was fed up of all this..when was it ever going to end…?I tried not to cry loudly, incase he starts hitting me for ‘being a little baby’…but luckily he was fast asleep already…I got up to perform esha and then got into my pj’s, went downstairs to check on everything and lock up and then I jumped into bed…all the crying made me quite tired…


I had on a thin satin,strappy nighty which was quite low at the back…I dozed off into a very deep sleep when I suddenly felt something clawing into my back…but the grip was so tight I couldn’t move….I started screaming out of pain…the more I screamed, the harder it gripped…so I stopped screaming and silently cried for him to let go…slowly I could feel him releasing..I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, banged the door closed and locked it…I sobbed so back was burning and when I tried looking at it in the mirror, which was quite difficult since it was behind me, I noticed that it looked quite raw and there were a few trickles of blood…


I think banging the bathroom door wasn’t the greatest idea….as now ismail was up and banging on it for me to open up..he sounded angry…


I trembled as I turned the key to open…


10 thoughts on “part 44:

    • Ameen…yip they do exist…I know someone who this has somewhat really happened to…her husband used to hit her in his sleep and wen he used to wake up, never used to believe her…or rather act like it never happend

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