part 39:


Ok ok shabana….let’s just say I catch on to hints reaaly this post is dedicated to my biggest fan in polokwane..shabana…:)))thanks sooo much for all the suggestions


Me:”babes…um….I’m bleeding…”


Ismail:”what you mean?is that a bad thing?”


Trust ismail to be so clueless about life..


Me:”umm yaa…I think so..I’m not supposed to be bleeding if I’m pregnant”


Ismail:”shux…..ok…errr(starting to panic)..when we get to dadi, phone your gp and make an appointment..I’ll take you…”


We got to dadi, I tried putting the spotting to the back of my mind..we had so much going on already…we didn’t need more stress…I’ve probably just exerted myself abit too much…I don’t think its serious..but once everything was off loaded I picked up dadis house phone and called dr aamina, my GP..


I explained to her the situation and she asked if I could come to her as soon as possible..bleeding isn’t a good thing…


Ismail agreed and so we went, dr aamina conveniently lived a few streets away aswel and she had a little surgery in the outbuilding of her house…she was a very dedicated elderly family doctor who’s been seeing to our health for many years now…


Ismail being the extremely possessive type was ever so glad to know that my GP was a female…well I too felt comfortable going to a lady…the importance of woman attaining good secular knowledge…atleast we have an abundance of females in many fields that are doing a great job in serving the community..


Upon reaching docs surgey, I was asked to do the usual routines of urinating in the cup, weighing etc…doc checked my urine…


DR:”well dear..let’s see..when was the last time you had a period?”


Me:”I actually don’t cycles been quite upside down since I’d left the pill”


DR:”the stick confirms that you are pregnant, its showing positive, however the bleeding seems to be due an infection in the urine..there’s quite abit of blood in the urine..atleast that can be treated with an antibiotic and lots of water and atleast that should be abit of good news.atleast its not serious or from the womb..but before we decide that, jump up on the bed for me, let us have a look what’s going on inside that tummy of yours..”


It felt so exciting this time..I had ismail by my side..with the twins, he was never there. He’d make his sister or mother take me for appointments…


Doc placed some of that cold gel on my tummy, switched on her machine and began pressing down gently….


I couldn’t stop smiling..Ismail walked to the bed and looked up at the screen. I took his hands in mine and squeezed it excitedly..


Doc pressed a few buttons and did what she usually does…


Dr:”well…missy..looks like you’re just about 8 weeks pregnant”


Ismail:”WHAT?that far already?8 weeks is like 2 months!”


Dr:(laughing)”yip…look(pointing to the screen to something that was flickering) that over there is the babies little heart beating”


Ismail:” can really see that?”


Doc knew that ismail wasn’t around much for my first pregnancy. She was a gp but was quite experienced in womens health so she seen to me right till the end of my pregnancy with the twins until I was handed over to the dreaded government hospital in our area…


Shukr things went very well with the twins and I managed to pull through a full 40 weeks until which my waters broke and I rushed to the hospital for a mid-wife to deliver them…they were tiny but quite big for twins…so shukr they didn’t need to be placed into an incubator or NICU(neonatal intensive care unit)…


Riyaad came out first at 2.2kg’s and 7 minutes later radiya was out at exactly 2 kilos… was normal birth..terribly painful and exhausting 5 hours of labour and intense pushing, but just the sight of your most adorable little angels and all the pain is forgotten….until its time to sit on your butt again that


I went through all of that without ismail…ismail can’t stand the sight of blood and so he refused to come in with me..he wasn’t the most supportive person throughout my pregnancy or birth experience either..that’s why, the fact that he was with me on my very first visit today just made it feel like this was my first child and first pregnancy. the excitement was just on a different level…shukr to Allah once again!




This post was posted because u all have been asking sooooo nicely, I couldn’t just ignore ur pleads.. :)))


18 thoughts on “part 39:

  1. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. Its nutin serious. إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ Ismail ωɪℓℓ continue 2 support Faaiza throughout her pregnancy. Shukrun 4 d xtra post. 🙂

  2. zana says:

    That’s good nothing serious. Inshaa-Allah rest of pregnancy goes well. Jazakallah for the lovely post. Ismail enjoy the pregnancy as well😄

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Must b soo comforting for her to have him there – n hopefully he’l appreciate her and the kids more !!!! ‎​إنشاءالله , and mayb be mor active durin dis pregnancy —– really اللَّهُ has blessed man with the intelligence to see into the body – how wonderful our اللَّهُ is – we must make soo much shukr for all the bounties we r given….

    Just wanna say جزاك اللهُ خيراً for tryin to help wid email – but not working – its ok , I’l just keep chekin like I always do —– defntly worth it wid ur ‎​​ما شاء الله blog

    • Aww..jx soo soo much…really appreciate all the comments and all the advice…it is really awesome how Allah has given man who is nothing but filth the ability to do and invent so much..its only with the ability given to us by Allah, but we boast and become proud as if its on our own accord..

  4. umme says:

    May allah accept all your efforts as well as the author of Dessert Rose. My favourite blogs with soo much of ADVICE. Soo much to learn from these blogs. جـــــزاكم اللـــه خيـــــرا.

    • Ameeen!may Allah keep my intentions always sincere and keep the ideas flowing inshalah..
      I feel honoured to be mentioned as a favourite in the same line as desert rose…her blog is way more interesting and her writing is something else..mashallah….

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