part 38:


So this post is dedicated especially to ‘sumi’ all the way in sri lanka….really appreciate your support and feedback….oh….and to all the other sri lankans reading this blog..beeg hugz!


MIL:”WHAT???you’re going to stay with HER grandparents?what will people say?you became ghar jamaai?(Disgusted look)”


Ismail:”look here mummy!I didn’t come here to ask your permission…I came here to make maaf and go nicely..”


MIL:”what is THIS one feeding you?(Pointing at me)she totally brainwashed you..maybe some blady voo doo or something!”


Ismail:”I’ve had enough okay….if it wasn’t for ‘THIS one’ who happens to be MY wife.. I Wouldn’t be sitting here asking for maaf…I’d be long gone and living my life…so I’m here to ask for maaf…and ask you people to please make dua for us and this is our decision…we need to move forward in our life..we can’t sit back and allow life to pass us by….”


Me:”(interrupting)…mummy, daddy…make maaf and jazakallah so much for everything you’ve done for us in these past few years…I hope we still welcome to visit sometime…we are leaving, we rather leave on good terms.we never know when we might need eachother oneday…you are ismails parents in the end of the day, my kids grandparents so that makes you a part of me…I don’t have parents of my own, and you people have filled in that gap for me…I’ll never be able to repay you for your kindness..”


MIL:”so is this how you repay us for our KINDNESS(sarcastically)…by taking our son away from us?”


Me:”I’m not taking him away…we going to be just around the corner..I’ll make sure we visit as often as we can inshallah…”


FIL:”are you going to be a puppet your whole life ismail?you going to dance to the tunes of your inlaws?what kind of a man are you?today they’ll help you…tomorrow they’ll throw it in your face..”


Ismail:”inshallah that won’t happen…we read istikhaarah..we asked Allah for guidance…we won’t go wrong…”


FIL:”don’t say we never warned you Mr intelligent”


Ismail:”you know what?do you have any better suggestions?everyone is not like you people..that rub things In peoples faces…just remember that you people brought this situation on…we all would be living fine if my OWN parents didn’t kick me out on the streets and fire me from what I worked hard in for so many years…”


MIL:”shhooh…I don’t know what is going on with you…I guarantee you that you don’t know what you heading for…”


Ismail:”can you people not ever be happy for me?do you always need to be so difficult?(turning to me).I told you its not going to be easy talking to these people…just come please!we’ve got enough packing to do…assalaamu’alaykum…”


With that we walked out and spent the rest of the day packing…I’d left the kids by dadi so that we could get more done…


Being pregnant didn’t help much, I didn’t have the energy I usually did…I kept on getting tired…but I pushed myself to continue inbetween running to the bathroom..


I had this habit when I was pregnant to always check when I wipe in the toilet..I had this fear of seeing blood during my pregnancy..I know its a silly thing but I did it throughout my 40 weeks with the twins and shukr there was never anything to worry about…


When we were just about packing around 3:30 I wanted to use the bathroom one last time before leaving while ismail loaded the panel van that he borrowed from aqeel…


I was in a panic when for the first time I wiped and spotted a dot of blood….just to make sure,,I re wiped and realised that it really was blood…..


24 thoughts on “part 38:

  1. zana says:

    Oh no. All the stress of the day maybe caused this.😭 please go to the dr
    Can ismail parents be sny more mean. They supposed to make dua not curse them

  2. rooksana says:

    Oooh no ????? Faaiza plz tel ismail dat u saw blood. Dnt kep it 4rm him he will stop at a dr. Insha allah der is nth wrong. Js stress. Post sooon

  3. Faati says:

    Aggg such mean parents..yoh
    Oh No Fay, u need to be carm n nt over work urself…
    Poor Ismial gona so confused shame…
    This story jus gets better each day…
    Jazakallah Author

  4. Shabana says:

    I appreciate that you take your readers suggestions into consideration. It shows that u care 🙂 keep up the excellent read.. I’m hooked.
    maybe one day you’ll surprise me with a dedication. Hint
    love from your biggest fan from Polokwane

  5. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww —- hopefully its just the stress n nothing major .
    Wish them all the best on their new ‘adventure’ !!!

    Plz can u help – I tried subscribing for e-mails but its not allowing me on my blackberry – plz can u add me to the mailin list – جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  6. Sister A. says:

    Shame poor Fay! She’s too stressed out. The sooner they move outa there the beter. جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا. 4 another gud post.

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