part 37:


Thanks to the 102 people in venezuela,netherlands,SA,UK,australia,canada,zambia,malawi,UAE,saudi arabia,mozambique,USA,zimbabwe,botswana,malawi and russian federation who are religiously following this blog..this post is dedicated to you


I woke up with energy and spiritual upliftment….its so amazing what abit of extra ibaadah can do to a persons life..talking to Allah when everyone else is comfortably snoring away in their comfy beds…its an amazing and most indescribable feeling ever…I wish I could do this everyday…


I performed my fajr, read my daily duas for the morning and read yaaseen…I decided that since I was no longer on ‘daughtern law duty’, I should take advantage of the extra sleep…


When my eyes re-opened it was 9:30am…ismail was already bathed and smiled at me from the balcony where the kids were also sitting with him…


I slept like a baby, I didn’t even hear them waking up or getting ready..I felt abit guilty…I stretched, sat up,neatened up my hair and rubbed my eyes..


Kids:(running into the room)”mummy…assalaamu alaykum!(Hugging and kissing me)..”


Ismail:(walking into the room from the balcony)”had a lovely sleep my sleeping beauty?(Kissing my head gently)”


Me:”amazing, I’m so sorry…”


I was so used to apologizing for everything..even when I hadn’t done anything wrong..


Ismail:”no sorrys…you needed the rest..we’ve got a hectic day of packing ahead of us(smile)”


Me:”we do?(Confused)why?where we moving to?”


Ismail:”my very pious wife made lots of dua last night and put so much of her trust in Allah….I just woke up feeling like a new person…we have a future ahead of us…we turning over a new leaf today”


Ismail seemed so happy today..


Me:”oooookay….tell me….what’s your plans baby?”


Ismail:”ok so I’ve been reading that dua you told me…and….I decided that we should take dadas offer..we going to move in to their house…”


Me:”and dada and dadi?they have to move to the complex?no…I don’t..”


Ismail:(cutting me off and putting his finger on my lips)”shhh…hold your horses there woman…I’m not finished…hear me out..”




There I go again


Ismail:”so I think its best if we move there…its close to school for the kids….and its big and spacious for them and us and…..our new little baba(kissing my tummy)”


I was blushing like a new bride…lol


Ismail:(continuing)…”and your grandparents are old…and I’ve deprived you of their company for the past 7 years..I want them to stay with us so that we can look after them……they may not have much time left as they say and I don’t want you to regret not being able to be there for them and’re expecting and it will be a help for you to have dadi there with you…she can help with baba and yaad and diya also….(Pause)…as for the job…I’m going to give it a try…if I eel its not working out..well…atleast I tried….”


I jumped on ismail and hugged him excitedly…


Me:”I can’t tell you how happy I am…I love you so much”


Raadiya:”mama? Are we getting another baby?”


Ismail and I looked at eachother and smiled….I nodded a yes…the kids jumped and high fived eachother..”YESSSS!!!I”


ismail:”come on lazy bum..get ready cos I’m taking you out for breakfast..”


Oh the joy! I’ve always heard people saying they go out for to ‘spill the beans’ or ‘spur’ or ‘wimpy’….but I’ve never had the opportunity…


We had the most awesome breakfast at spur…I had a cappucino,ismail a coffee and the kids each a milkshake. Plus we ordered the breakfast platter which consisted of eggs,beef rashes,toast, butter, jam and obviously ismail couldn’t resist a juicy spur fillet..We were stuffed….


Ismail gave dada a quick call to tell him our decision to which dada was extremely happy…we stopped over to collect some boxes from aqeels and them warehouse and proceeded home(well not home anymore) to start packing for the future..


Ofcourse dadas advice was that we had to make maaf before leaving and leave on good terms..but how to do this was another story…ismail didn’t want to at first but I convinced him that it wouldn’t be that bad…


And so we called for another awesome meeting with the “inlaws”(Note the sarcasm)…..


14 thoughts on “part 37:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Was really worried in the ‘NIGHTMARE ‘ post *shew* @least it wasn’t true – soo extremely happy!!!!
    New beginnings !! Dis Ismails seems soo wonderful ……. ‎​إنشاءالله for her sake he stays like dis – or gets evn better !!

  2. zana says:

    I agree with u sister in islam I do hope he stays that way. Inshaa-Allah all faaiza’s duas will be accepted
    Jazakallah to you author for 2 lovely post today 😚

  3. Sister A. says:

    الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. The results of دُعاء With Yaqeen. Can’t wait 2 hear wat the M.I.L. (murder °̩и law 😉 )is gona say wen she hears dat dey movin out.

  4. sister/in/islam says:

    And u no the saying – ” Kill them wid kindness !!” — Faaiza has always been soo kind to them – n evn now to,she’s encouragin her hubby to leve on a good note.She’s very mature in her thinking and we must take lessons from her . How to keep quiet and try to make a home, complain to our اللَّهُ and then we’l see how everything will turn our way ‎​إنشاءالله !! Very good for newly married girls or soon to be married girls to read dis excellent blog. Life may not b a bed of roses evrytym but wid proper ‘pruning’ (adjusting our attitudes) and ‘watering'(crying n making dua ) we can make it into a beautiful garden – ‎​إنشاءالله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    • Very very beautifully said…those words were really wise..its so true that wen a girl gets married she has different expectations about marriage, not realizing that marriage comes with its fair share of challenges and is deff not a bed of roses…

  5. zana says:

    Faaiza and ismail dont forget to read bismiLLAH before u go for ur “MEETING”. Inshaa-Allah with allah’s help it will go well

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