part 34:

I rushed to the kitchen to find anna frantically taking newspaper to stop the cut that was dripping with blood…


The ‘grand witch of honour’…my mother in law came screaming angrily into the kitchen from upstairs…


MIL:”what the hell is going on here?everyday I tell you to be careful with the dishes and stop look!who is going to pay for that plate you dropped and broke..”


I was so mad at this heartless cow…


“Mummy, she got cut….and the cut is deep…”


MIL:”its her own fault…who told her to be so blady careless..I’m so tired of all my things just breaking in this house…you don’t pay for anything that’s why you break everything here ousie”


Me:(ignoring my MIL)…”Anna go outside and rinse your hand under cold water..I’ll be right back….”


I ran upstairs and returned just over a minute later with an old towel of mine, some plasters, zambuck and a bandage…


Me:”kids go upstairs with daddy and get into your pj’s k..I’ll be right there to tuck you guys into bed”


Radiya:”I’m so sorry aunty anna”


Riyaad:”does it hurt?I hope it gets better quickly aunty anna”


Anna just smiled…


MIL:”sorry. Sorry…what sorry?sorry my such an expensive dinner plate from my noritake set is broken…I want this mess cleaned up now….all this glass and all this blood…(Pulling her face)…just now we contract some kind of disease or something”


My back was facing my MIL and I just rolled my eyes…


I tied the towel around annas hand and told her to press tightly on it until the blood calms down abit…


Me:”this cut is really deep better go to the doctor in the morning to get it stitched up…you can’t leave it like this”


Anna:”eish but toomoro she’s choosde…missis she want meena must springkleeen all cupbords toomoro..”


Me:”I don’t care what missis want..your health is more important ok…go early so you can be back to spring clean if you want”


I helped anna by putting some zambuck,closing it up with couple of plasters and then tied a bandage around her hand…


Me:”go and rest now..I’ll finish up here…”


Anna:”haai makoti….meena I’m oryt…go go!boss he’s waiting for you upstairs…jist now boss she get cross and den he gona hit you again…”


Me:(giggle)”no anna..boss is better now..he doesn’t hit me anymore..”


Anna:”but go..wena you got baby now…meena I’m shup..I finish quick quick and then I gona hamba”


Me:”you sure you’ll manage?”


Anna:”ya ya….sooga now..hamba!”


I giggled and went up to my room…ismail and the kids were pillow fighting…they were screaming and laughing….aww, what a sight to see…I just smiled and walked in quietly when a pillow came flying at me….




Ismail:(throwing another one)”don’t be such a spoil sport..come on guys..let’s get mummy”


And before I knew it they were attacking me….I went to the bed and started tickling the kids so they’d stop…ismail grabbed me around my waist and pulled me on the bed and started tickling me…I was extremely ticklish…I couldn’t take it and I laughed so much my stomach hurt…


Me:”ok ok stop!!!enough!”(Trying to breath inbetween my giggles)


He just lay there with his arms around me lying next to me looking into my eyes with the most gorgeous smile on his face…


Ismail:(whispering in my ear)..”I love you!”(Kissing me)


Oh my word…I wanted to freeze every moment…I wanted to lay in his arms forever…I was scared to move for fear that this would never happen again…as badly as I needed to use the bathroom, I just stuck it in and inched closer to him making myself more comfortable in his arms…




10 thoughts on “part 34:

  1. Shabana says:

    Great post, Jazakallah.
    Just a suggestion.. perhaps we could have a post where Faaiza reflects on the past incidents with Ismail?
    We know he’s been terrible to her in the past, but not much has been elaborated on it.
    So if we share in Faaiza’s joy, I think it would make a deeper impact if we’re transported into Faaiza’s terrible incidents. How it started, etc.
    Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. zana says:

    I don’t like people who go on about worldly things. For crying out loud if a dish breaks it breaks read انالله و انا اليه راجعون.

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