short istikhaarah dua


The dua I’ve mentioned in the previous post is a very powerful dua and could be read for any matter whatsoever at any given time or all the time..


We need Allahs guidance all the time…we don’t always know what is right for us or wrong..only Allah does…this dua asks Allah to choose what is best for us and to put lots of goodness in every action that follows…


I hope that many can benefit…


Islam is so beautiful and has a dua for almost everything in our daily life….


Rem me in your duas on this beautifully blessed day…


14 thoughts on “short istikhaarah dua

  1. ms xoxo says:

    Omg omg omg thank Allah your safe!!!! You have nooo idea how disapointd I was wen your blog was deletd… Walahi I thot sumfn bad mst have hapend!! Anyhoo nice blog enjoyn it much.. Keep up the good work!!

    • Heya!!!:)))…shukr I’m well and safe…

      I know..I read ur comments on other posts but I was just going thru a very tough patch…but shukr..Allahs great and sorts things out for us when we’re innocent and ppl try their best to destroy us..

      Keep reading this blog though..hope u enjoy it as much as silent living…

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