part 29: :))))))


Because I’ve reached 10 000 views already….here’s another post….

Just like to say a HUGE thank you to all you amazingly amazing people following,supporting,referring and commenting on this blog..luv ya all to bits….



Dada was a really wise man and I loved him dearly…may Allah grant him and dadi a long life still so that we can benefit from their fountains of wisdom…


Its sad that nowadays when a couple relates their problems, instead of assisting with good advice, there’s so much of nasty comments and bad advice that is totally uncalled for..


A friend of mine was having marital problems…which were not as serious to be thinking of divorce.there were ways to solve but instead of the family telling her to go back and make it work, they would encourage her to keep running home…”Our home is always open for’re not in the street and we’ll look after you better than he can..” Was the words her family kept telling her..


If they could see to her so well then why on earth did they get her married in the first place…?!?


My dada,dadi abit of my father and much less of my mother played a MAJOR role in my upbringing and my personality…they’d never take my part just because I’m their own…what’s right is right and wrong is wrong…no 2 ways about it…


Its nothing from my side that I am a support to ismail…I love him dearly..I have never shared so much of myself, my privacy. My secrets, my body, my emotions with any other man before..that’s what makes our relationship so beautiful…its this great gift of nikaah I keep talking about…its 7 years later but the feeling of being so linked and attached to another person is just overwhelming….


The support my family has shown me has also shown me to support others….a cousin of mine had a terrible upbringing…her family was never there for her, they had everything…from wealth, to smart cars, the best of clothes, a mansion to live in and every luxury possible….but they were never there for her to talk to when she was sad or in any kind of trouble..she had everything but nothing….support is everything…and today…she doesn’t know how to support her hubby who’s a major drug addict and alcoholic…she struggles to make it through the day and support him…she wants to..she really does..but she just doesn’t know how to…


Support isn’t something you can learn out of a book or from a is something you need to experience to be able to share…


Anyhow…..back to dadas GREAT ideas…and when I Say GREAT! I mean they are awesome…I can’t believe how Allah is so much on my side lately…


I LOVE ALLAH..he’s so good to me and has always given me so much to be grateful for…


Ok I’m totally drifting again..sooo…


Dada:”you know dadi and I are getting quite old now..and soon we going to kick the bucket….we’ve been thinking…why leave everything for last minute or for when we’re dead and then everyone starts fighting that this is mine and that is we’ve been spending this past month sorting out all my properties and businesses etc…


We had 2 two bedroom flats that I’ve already handed over to your apa people are just a week too late otherwise you could’ve stayed in one of them…but Allah has his plan…that wasn’t meant for you because with the kids I don’t think its a good idea staying in a flat..they need space…


then we had a 3 bedroom house on 4th avenue that I was renting out to some really old white couple for the past 10 years…now its been handed over to your mota papa…so a big no no to that also…


I’ve got 1 more town house complex in western extension..its got a little garden infront which you can enter from the lounge and has a little patio, a single garage and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open plan kitchen and lounge/dining room…we were thinking of selling it and distributing the money equally between mota papa, aapa foi and since your daddys not here anymore…you!”


I was starting to wonder about that! Whether they’d forgotten daddy when they were “distributing fairly”…I am daddys only heir…it kinda hurt that I wasn’t given anything as yet..but I’m so used to being chucked to the back…


Dada:”so the first option is…if you people want to stay there…you may do so and we won’t sell it as yet….”


Ismail:”how much would the rent be?are levies included?what about lights and water?”


Dada:”whoa!hold it there son(laughing lightly)…faaiza here is my daughter..the only thing that holds me onto my deceased son…and you have become like my own grandson once you’ve married her….I don’t want any money from you rent would be to see you 2 happy and successful with many more children inshalah”(smile)


Me:” way!that’s not fair…you can’t do that!”


Dada:”shoosh beti…(Ignoring my protest and continuing)..your second option is this….this house belongs to faaiza…since I’ve given my other 2 children their share…my one sons share wouldve been this house…which ofcourse now gets handed down to fay…”


OH MY GOD!!!!is dada for real?and here I am having evil thoughts about how they’d forgotten me…this house is is is….MINE?


Dada:”so either you people can stay here with us till we’re gone….or if you feel uncomfortable and that we’re intruding then either you people can stay in the complex for the time being or we will move there….”

10 thoughts on “part 29: :))))))

  1. Faati says:

    Wow congrats on your 10 000 views alhamdulilah…
    Jazakallah for the super long post…
    Shukar Faiza has a house of her own alhamdulilah…after all her sabr inshallah shel see happiness now..

  2. zana says:

    Congratulations 10000 wow
    Shaitaan loves to put unwanted thoughts into our mind. Daada is so thoughtful at least they have 2 options

    • Dada reminds me of my nana and nani…they were the most generous people of the town when they were alive..may Allah fill their qabrs with noor and grant them the highest stages of jannah..ameen!

  3. rooksana says:

    Congratz on da 10 000 views. Alhumdulillah came quiet far. Faaiza g/parents r sooo wonderful n understanding atleast dey seeing out 4 her. Shukr. Allah open every1 doors also. Insha allah.

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