part 28:

Imageallah works in mysterious ways

Imagevalue before its too late!

Imagedada and his wisdom

Me:”we were just wondering if we could move in with you people for a while?umm…it won’t be for long inshalah…ismail wants to find us something of our own to rent…but in the meantime we’d like to stay with you and in that way I can look after my favourite 2 people(beeg smile)..”


Dada:”is everything okay at home?why do you people want to move out from your parents home?..faaiza?did something happen between you and your inlaws?because if something did then I don’t want you leaving in that manner heh…we didn’t bring you up like that!we don’t run away from our problems..”


Ismail:”no no..its not faaiza..faaiza has been an amazing wife and daughter in law..she’s taken on more than she’s supposed to and I just feel, she deserves much more after 7 years of living with my family….the kids are also getting know, its just time..things are tough, I’m actually going to look for a new job aswel”


Dada:”but bhai!what about your daddys business…not doing so well?”


Ismail:”shukr its doing well but like I say..things are tough, the kids are starting school in 2 weeks time and the wage I’ve been getting is quite little to survive..”


Dada:”but why don’t you talk to your daddy?I’m sure he’ll understand…or I could talk to him for you if you want me to?”


Ismail:”unfortunately dada my family is not as open minded as you people are(sigh)..let me rather just tell you the truth..we were having abit of a family meeting when things just got abit out of hand and my family wants us to move out..they asked me to find another job also…the truth is…the pay was extremely little and its been really difficult to support my family..the pressure was too much…I really want to be independent..we want to live our own life, make our own mistakes and learn from that…”


Dada:”achaa achaa…son don’t worry about that…I’ve got quite a few ideas for you people…Allah works in such mysterious ways we’ll never understand…”


That is so true…if Allah didn’t let all of this happen this weekend, my husband would have still been his normal abusive mean self…but here he was, softened up towards me….for example when I was crying in the car on the way here…ismail would normally get cross and start insulting me…instead this time he shocked me…he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him…kissed me gently on my lips and told me that I have no idea how much I mean to him and that he’s so sorry for everything he’s ever done to hurt me and as from today his going to make my life full of smiles and only smiles…


But I didn’t know what DADA meant about Allahs wisdom…


Me:”what you mean dada?”


Dada:”little more about that just now…for now son…I want you to remember something…your parents are your parents no matter what…sometimes in life they say things that are hurtful…but you are still their child..and in the eyes of Allah you will be so great if you lower yourself and be the better one..I’m going to give you people a few options but whatever option you decide to choose,first I want you to make maaf at home and leave nicely….is that okay with you?”


Ismail:”eish…its hard dada”


Me:”but we will dada..I know ismail will..”


I gave him a reassuring smile and squeezed his hand a little harder..


As much as I hated my inlaws and all the hardships they’d put me through, I know its not easy without parents…you only value something once its gone..not that I didn’t value my parents while they were alive..but there was so many regrets I had once they were gone…


Ismail has a chance still while they’re alive and I will try my best to help him do the right thing..he doesn’t have to turn out like them..he can be a better person..I know he has it in him…he’ll come around sooner or later…I just know it…


Dada:”okay so now since that is out of our way and taken care of…let’s begin with the options….”

20 thoughts on “part 28:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    That is why dey say make mashura – to talk to others and get opinions , especially older ppl cos dey r soo much wiser than us. We make rash decisions , most of the time in anger – and then we regret lata in life. May اللَّهُ make there journey an easy one filled with love and happiness n understanding – ‎​​​آمين

  2. zana says:

    Allah does work in mysterious ways. Dada is so right. No matter what our parents say and do. We still have to look after them.
    Faaiza you are a better person for wanting to make peace.

  3. Faati says:

    Wow shukar dada has given them such good advice..its so important to take advice and take duaas of our elders especially grandparents n parents coz we only realise the value wen they nt there its soo sad…

    • Just one post a day…occasionally if you lucky then 2…but when I reach certain goals, I feel generous and post more than once a day…

      I don’t have a specific time as my life is quite hectic so its mostly totally random times…

      You can subscribe so its easier to know when I’ve posted

      Thanx for commenting

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