part 27:

As we rushed out we needed to pass the kitchen to get to the garage where the car was parked.anna glanced at me, winked and did some funny dance rubbing her tummy round and round…


Did she maybe have something to do with the pregnancy test and my mother in law finding out..


Me:”babes, reverse so long..I’ll be right there..I just forgot something…”


I made sure the wicked witch was nowhere in sight before I pulled anna in the pantry..


Me:”how do you know?how did the missis find out?”


Anna:”ha wena makoti!I didin no you was so schoopit..missis she check in your rubbish everyday to see what you are doing…haai she don’t check ha self…she make mina go thru da rubich everyday while she she stand there to see..”


Rubbish woman!ugh…the extent to which evilness can go…


We left for dadis house and ismail was still so furious with his mother that he forgot to stop and buy him something for breakfast…luckily we were going to dadi…dadi always had such a good heart..anyway she would insist on us having something..I’ll just make him a cup of tea when we get there…


We hoot for someone to open up and drove through the white gates…dadi and dadas house was on a large plot. It was a simple house yet very neat and well kept..the yard was massive and the kids just loved the space they had at dadas house to be free…


My mother in laws garden wasn’t so would have been if she hadn’t over planted all kinds of flowers and palm trees and different kinds of expensive greenery…one thing she did forget to plant was a cactus..otherwise I would have told her to sit on it a long time ago..


Dadi:”oh my poiree….I’m soooo happy to see you peoples…(She hesitated abit, looked at ismail and then at me again)..everything is okay my child?(Worried look on her face)


Me:(laughing)”ofcourse dadima…..everythings okay…we were just missing you guys so ismail thought we’d pop by abit to check on you…wheres dada?”


The twins hugged and kissed dadi and were already off to explore something new in the yard..


Dadi:”chaalo…you people had breakfist?come come I make some nice chaai and some eggs ne handu for you peoples…sooo long time my poiree didint cum…dada also worry too much for you my child”


Me:”I know dadi..I’m so sorry!its just been so busy..and you know december is usually ismail and thems busy time in the shop and he’s so tired when he gets home”


dadi:”your dada just gone to shoprite to get some things for me..he coming home jist now..come sit sit”


I told you dadi was a total darling…and since I’m pregs, I can afford to have a second breakfast today..Dadi spread out an awesome brunch for us and I ate like a glutton..I was so stuffed but it felt good being back home..I really missed this place and the warmth you’d find here..


After our major brunch we heard dada pull in the driveway…they were not used to having us visit so dada also rushed into the house without even bringing any of dadis groceries in to see if everything was okay..


Dada:”faaiza?faaiza bachu?where you?(He screamed from the driveway all the way till he got into the house)


I got up from my seat and ran to my dada..I gave him a huge hug…


“I’m here dada….no need to panic…just now you get a heart attack or something”


Dada:”what happened my poiree..everything alright?(Looking at ismail and extending his hand)..slaamwa laykum son….how you doing?everything okay!”


Me:”jee daaaadaaa…(Laughing)..everythings fine..we just here to visit abit..”


Dada:”oh I’m soo happy to see you my jaan..come come..fawzi did you give them something to eat..fry some samoosas for them..”


Ismail:”don’t worry know dadi will never let us sit down without filling our stomachs up..”




Dada got the groceries out of the car while I helped dadi to clear up and ismail went to hit a smoke…


After we all were done, we gathered in the lounge to catch up…the kids were there too sitting one on either side of dads lap and asking dada all kinds of silly questions..dada always had the patience to answer..if it were me I’d tell them to shoosh it a long time ago…kids and there why why why’s..


Dada told the kids to take his wheelbarrow from outside and take eachother for rides while the adults were talking…


Dada:”so come now!you know your dada heh? Tell me!is everything okay?(Turning to ismail).how’s your mummy?daddy?family all ok?businees doing well?”


Ismail didn’t know what to say..he looked down…then a me, waiting for me to say something….


Me:”well dada..actually that’s what we came to speak to you about….”


10 thoughts on “part 27:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Ismail needs to b in der company mor often 2 see wat happiness is n wat ‘FAMILY’ is !!!!!!!!! They r soo loving – hopefully dey become like dat also – ‎​إنشاءالله
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. rooksana says:

    Da grandparents r sooo loving n caring. Soo sweet. Allah kep dem like dat. Atleast dey out off da MIL house. Insha allah da grandparents will let dem stay wid dem 4 awhile until thgs r sorted. Jazakallah 4 post love it. Can we get 2 post a day. PlzzZzzz.

  3. Faati says:

    yay finally out of the mil house..
    Inshallah nw Faaiza can hav a happy life inshallah…
    Such loving,caring,sweet grandparents mashallah…
    They know so wel dat Faaiza has a prblm dats y shes der…im sure dey wil b super excited having dem staying wid dem and having they great grandkids with them..

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    So wat happened to faaiza cryin n ismail seein her tears?wantd to see how he reacted lol..
    Old ppl r soo sweet,n faaizas grandparents r like how a happy family should be..hopefully ismail learns from them..

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