part 25:

“Assalaamu alaykum mama”


It was groggy raadiya who was rubbing her eyes and walking towards me half asleep. she plonked herself on me…


Me:”my babies were so tired last night?you guys didn’t even have supper and fell asleep…is yaad still sleeping?”


They had nicknames for eachother..yaad and diya…


She just nodded her head..


Raadiya:”mama I’m vewy hungwy…please can you make me bweakfast?


Me:”sure, go to toilet, wash up and brush teeth and then we’ll go down k”


While raadiya was doing that, I put my quraan away,folded up my musallah and burkah and changed into a samira to go downstairs..I could hear riyaad waking up aswel…great! I can give them breakfast before my inlaws wake up..I honestly don’t want to run into them…its just going to be too awkward…


Me:”hey there sweety..diyas busy getting too get done so that I can give both of you breakfast k..


The kids room and mine had an interleading door but we shared one bathroom…and talking about breakfast, I was starting to feel hungry and nauseous again…


That’s the worst thing of being pregnant..the morning sickness sucks! With the twins I had it for 4 full months…I hope this time won’t be that finishes me up..


We all 3 tip-toed downstairs and I hurriedly made the kids and I a cup of masala tea and some toast with honey…I felt bad not starting my usual house work…maybe I should just be the better one and start..


Once I was done with my breakfast, I walked over to the freezer to take out some meat but was unsure what to cook..I rather closed up the freezer and decided to sort the kids out first instead…


I was having battles in my head..maybe because I was so used to my usual felt so odd not to do anything..


Me:”hello aunty anna! Did you have a lovely weekend?”


Anna:”yebo makoti…eish meena I’m taayaad todey..but before the missis she wake up meena must finish up all da werk downstairs..”


Me:”too much partying on the weekend aunty anna”(I giggled)


Annas been working for my inlaws since before I got married..they fired her so many times, but the difficult person my mother in law is, no-one else wants to work for her and so they end up calling her back everytime..


Poor thing works so hard but also gets paid mother in law only gives her food that’s on the verge of going rotten and her tea is usually made with milk that’s already gone sour..she feels its a waste to give them good food as things are very expensive..


Anna is not allowed to clean my room or bathroom or the kids room..


My mother in law always says:”The maid is not working for you!she’s working for me…you young and fit and can do your own work”


Shukr Allahs given me the strength and I’ve managed quite fine thus far but anna knows how they are so when they’re not around she offers to secretly help me spring clean and stuff..


Me:”kiddos are you done with your breakfast?”


Twins:”jee mama”


Me:”okay then take your things to the basin and let’s get upstairs and jump in the shower…”


They obliged and all 3 of us tip-toed back upstairs..


While the kids were bathing I cleaned up their room and once they were done I was heading with my buckets to clean my bathroom when ismail woke up…


Ismail:”what you doing?”


Me:”salaams love…I’m just busy cleaning up..”


Ismail:”for what?”


Me:”(laugh)..because its my normal work….”


Ismail:”no I don’t want you doing any work in this house anymore…just put those buckets away and today we need to start packing up and moving out..”


Me:”ok we can start packing but I have to clean up!”


Ismail:”faaiza did you hear what I said?put those things away now!”


Oh gosh! Back to his normal self..I knew it won’t last for too long…




I listened and put it away…


Twins:”daddddyyy!!!!you awake!”


They ran from their room and jumped on my bed..ismail was always happy to see his children..they jumped around and hugged him and he tickled them and made them laugh abit….


I was terribly nervous..I didn’t know what I was supposed to do…


Me:”must I go and make you some breakfast?”


Ismail:”nO! I’m not eating in these peoples’s my your grandparents and ask them if we can come over..”


Me:”I was thinking..why don’t we just go over there and talk to them in person..I’m 100% sure they’ll never refuse us but it will just be easier to talk in person…”


Ismail:”ya okay, but we’ve got loads of work to do today…so I’m going to just wash up and I’ll get us some cappuccino from the garage on our way get done quickly, I want to be out in the next 15 minutes”


Me:”okay but don’t worry about breakfast for me and the kids, I managed to go down and have something already..I was starving and feeling abit nauseous..”


Ismail remembered and then smiled…


Ismail:”heyy kiddos! We have lots of surprises for you guys this year…” And he winked at me…


Riyaad:”daddy you not going to work today?”


Ismail:”nope son…not today…”


Me:”we going to visit old dada and old dadi”(that’s what the kids call my grandparents)




I went to shower and get dressed while ismail smoked and got ready himself…I neatened up my room, made the bed etc and grabbed my handbag ready to leave…


As I opened the door I got a shock of my life and froze…


8 thoughts on “part 25:

  1. Binte Ahmed says:

    Oh no!dnt tel me the witch is there(mother inlaw) 😛 n she would make an issue n send ismail on a guilt trip,n he’d lose courage n not end up movin out :O
    Hopefully not lol…

  2. rooksana says:

    Oh no !!!!! I hope everthg wrk out well 4 dis couple. I hope it wsnt da mother in law ws not sneaking up on dem. Plzzz post 1 2nite. Plzzzzzzz. Pretty plz. I love dis blog. Kep up da gud wrk

    • Lol..thanx…bribing me

      Ok here’s the deal…I’ve got 570 views today.if I can reach my goal of atleast 60 views tonight I’ll post another one before I sleep…:))

  3. zana says:

    At least it wasn’t choti kala😝. Some people can be really mean. How can u treat people like that and give them food that you wouldn’t put near ur mouth😠. This mother in law is crazy coz they don’t even give their son do much money. More drama to come😮 hopefully they get to daadi and daadas house quickly

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