part 23:



Me:”what does he mean by payback love?I hope he’s not going to do something drastic”


Ismail:”no he’s just going to act normal with her, like he doesn’t know anything..but we going to keep an eye on her and what she’s upto, where’s she’s going and stuff like that..and when he gets enough against her..he’s going to present it to her family so no-one can think he’s a liar…she’s very conniving…he says she puts up so well everyday, he never in his right mind wouldve ever thought she’s upto anything like this…And if he didn’t know me as well as he does…he never wouldve believed a word I said…”


My alarm rang for fajr… I was switching it off I noticed the pregnancy test on my side table aswel…I picked up the box and turned to ismail…


Me:”time to see what beholds us lovey….”


Ismail:”I’m sure you must be..but if not, don’t be upset..”


Me:”why would I be upset?Allah knows what’s best…if I’m not..obviously He feels I’m not ready yet and if it is…then its for the best inshalah”


Ismail:”I’m really exhausted…its been a crazy long day…go already and get it done and if I’m sleeping, please don’t wake can tell me in the morning…”


I’ve had a very irregular cycle ever since I gave birth to the twins…when nifaas is supposed to last maximum for 40 days…mine lasted way over the maximum period…actually I continued bleeding for 3 months after that until the doctor suggested I start a pill..


I was breastfeeding and the doctor suggested I take microval which is especially for breastfeeding mums…


yes it was possible to breastfeed 2 babys at once…especially since I was overly blessed with milk..alhamdulillah…the thing with twins was that I had to adjust their routine to suit myself…because the milk supply was so much,they would drink much faster and get full quickly as well..I would never have to sit half an hour at a time feeding…


I would alternate between riyaad and raadiya..making sure that they both were well fed at all times..and once they were fed well..they’d sleep well too..


I wasn’t one of those who woke my babies up for feeds…no offense to those who do it but I think its really crazy waking your child up just to drink…I always fed on demand..


My idea is that you give your child that routine of drinking at exactly 4 hourly…what happens if on that specific hour you happen to be at a mall or out somewhere?that becomes a burden on you…


A child will cry when their hungry and will wake up when they need to feed…just my opinion derived from my personal experiences… did I digress…so as I was saying, my cycle was upside down…then the doctor recommended microval…but unfortunately that didn’t agree too well with me and I continued bleeding for almost 9 months I found myself bleeding or spotting all the time…until I had to go on a stronger pill which caused my milk to lessen…but by then my kids were on proper it was fine..


Aking the pill for an extended period of time tends to mess up your hormones quite abit…so afer 2 years of taking the pill, I decided to stop it and ever since I’d stopped it, I bled irregularly…sometimes I wouldn’t menstruate for 6 months, sometimes for 2 months and sometimes for 4 months, while sometimes I would menstruate twice in a month…my point of all this is that I couldn’t just look at my cycle and say ‘hey!I’ve missed a cycle..I’m sure I’m pregnant’…with me I was always unsure…


So here I am…entering the bathroom to do the test..I didn’t do it before I slept last night as they say the best time to do a pregnancy test is in the morning as your morning urine is the strongest..


I carefully open the box and tear open the packet to retrieve the stick…I silently pray in my head that if I am pregnant, may this child change mine and my familys fate for the better…


I do what’s necessary and place the test to rest on the box,close my eyes and patiently await the results…..


After aproximately 2 mins I open up my eyes to discover the results….


interesting!!……should I be sad? Or happy?


10 thoughts on “part 23:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Hmmmm ……..

    interesting!!……should we be sad? Or happy?
    We’l only no in da next post !
    Wateva’s best for her … Really hopin for a happy ending – ‎​إنشاءالله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً
    U really r a talentd writer – ‎​​الحمد لله – may اللَّهُ take u from strenght to strenght – ‎​​​آمين

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