part 21:





This post is dedicated to a95r…thanks for giving me an idea.. 😉


Aqeel:”hey bra!whatsup?are you on your way here?”


Ismail:”ey no man…I actually just got back into town and stopped to buy some chow…going to drop the vrou and kids off and then I’ll hit it straight to you…you sure its not a problem to come so late ne?”


Aqeel:”bra is it ever a problem(laugh)…what are we bras for?”


Ismail:”cool man!ey listen…what I actually phoned to choon you is… vrou wanted to tune something with noori…you know these women and their stories…but she don’t have her number or she there?”


Aqeel:”no no..she’s not here..sunday nights she vies to her mothers house for supper and then she sleeps over there..she only comes back home mondays…”


Ismail:”oh oh okay…err..I see..okay no stress..I’ll tell my vrou then”


Aqeel:”is it something urgent?I can sms you her number if faaiza wants to choon with her?”


Ismail:”no no..don’t stress…I don’t think its urgent…anyway owen…I’ll catch up with you just now..check you right!”




Ismail cut the call and I looked at him with pitiful eyes…


Me:”I feel really sorry for him you know..these kind of things shouldn’t happen to good people…he’s a good guy…”


We drove home and ismail dropped us off..he helped to carry the kids upstairs and tuck them into bed. They seemed to be really tired today…they didn’t even have supper..poor things.they going to be starving when they wake up…but anyway…I think I’ll make them some crumpets in the morning…


On second thoughts…I can’t do that..we need to get out of here as soon as possible..


Ismail left to go to aqeel…he gave me a quick hug and a kiss on my forehead and said:

“Don’t wait up for me…I might be abit late…that’s if I get the courage to warn ismail….”


Me:”ok…love you….good luck my lovey…”


After performing my esha, I retired to bed…its been a really long and eventful weekend…and tomorrows yet another eventful day…


I fell asleep thinking of my would have had just the wisest advice to share at this moment…oh how I miss my parents…




8 thoughts on “part 21:

  1. zana says:

    At least they did good by making nikah. Some guys mess around with a girl for so long then dump them. Life is full of tests. Allah tests those whom he loves. And after rain there’s always sunshine.
    Faiza didn’t do the test

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