part 20:




Valentines special!


Before anyone jumps down my throat…NO!I do NOT believe in valentines…at all…read on to understand and appreciate the title above…


Me:”is that?….nooo babes…it can’t be…please tell me that I’m dreaming..”


Ismail:”it is! That 2 faced slut! I feel like getting out of this car and dragging her all the way home by her freaking fake blonde hair….”


It was noori…aqeels wife…she was busy smooching some guy right here in the middle of nowhere after just getting off his blue audi A5…does she have no shame? Is she not one bit perturbed that SOMEBODY could possibly see her….ok fine! We were parked round the corner from debonairs on one of the darker quiet roads…but still…ugh! Just the sight of how the 2 of them were behaving in public made me sick to my stomach…my insides were turning…


Me:”what are you going to do lovey? We shouldn’t get involved but aqeels your best friend…”


Ismail:”yes babe..when it pours! I don’t even want to think what next..todays just been too eventful…we need to desperately get over with this day…”(Hitting his head on the head rest and sighing deeply)


Well aqeel and ismail have been best friends salma and I…except for the fact that aqeel used to practically board at our house before he got married..and ismails in and out of his house all the time aswel…they were like brothers to eachother…


6 months ago…aqeel was forced to marry noori. He didn’t even like her..she just wasn’t his type..aqeel was a soft spoken gentleman and noori was loud and squeaky…but rather very rude.. I personally never got along with her…she always had this highty tighty air about she shat out HAAGEN DAZS or something..I HATE people like that..


Nooris mum and aunty jamila…aqeels mum are part of the same clique…and nooris mum drilled aunty jamila into getting noori married to aqeel…after much convincing, aqeel agreed…he realised that he should give her a chance and maybe they’ll learn to love eachother…and so they got married…


He treated her like a queen and gave her everything she ever asked for..I thought they were happy because aqeels never mentioned them ever having a problem…


Me:”babes..has aqeel ever mentioned them having a problem or anything?”


He obviously would have said something to his other half if he was..


Ismail:”never!that guy carrys on like he’s still on honeymoon..” one person can be soooo in love…while the other is making a big mock behind your back…


Love is a strange thing…something we only experience once we’ve entered the sacred bond of nikaah…


Sometimes we believe whole heartedly that we are in love with someone before marriage…but that’s not love…its just infatuation…true love can and will only be experienced after nikaah…


As zain bikha would say:”we look for stories of love in places dark and cold”


Whereas the perfect romance lies in the lives of the prophets and pious predecessors..if we look at the love they had with their spouses…its so inspiring…


For example..hazrat sulaiman (A.S) and bilqees…

a palace of glass was built in honor of Bilqees. Even the floor was made of glass and water was put under it with different kinds of fish. The whole floor looked like a pool of water without the glass showing



Nabi(S.A.W) was a great example of romance..he(s.a.w) would not only drink from the same glass as hazrat ayesha(R.A) but he would place his lips on the exact place that ayesha (R.A) had placed hers…


Yusuf(A.S) was yet another example…zuleikha had tried to seduce him..but he was too pious to do any kind of did Allah reward him for keeping his chastity?in the end, he and zuleikha were married and lived happily ever after(no fairytale…its a fact)..


Hazrat zainab(R.A)…the daughter of the noble prophet muhammed(S.A.W) had such love for her husband..she was married to abul aas ibn rabee’ who was the nephew of her mother hazrat khadija(R.A)..they went through so much of difficulty and were seperated for years because of one being muslim and the other not…finally the day came when abul aas became a muslim and was reunited with his TRUE love..but sadly hazrat zainab(R.A) passed away just a year later…abul aas cried excessively for months later and used to say:”By Allah, I can’t stand life anymore without Zainab”. Allah reunited them in jannah as he had passed away a year after her demise….


Love is not defined to one day….its not just for valentines day…or just for your wedding day or engagement day…love is for every day of our lives…


We take for granted what an amazing feeling it is to lie in bed every night and be cuddled by that one person that its totally halaal..infact its an act of worship to lay next to…we are rewarded for every kiss that we give our spouse..for even looking at them with affection…how amazing is Allah..for every haraam thing…he has given us a halaal alternative…


And here you find noori…who’s supposed to be engaged in an act of worship with aqeel…but instead is committing a major act of disgrace with some other character…


Ismail couldn’t get himself to start the car and drive away…it was as if he was stabbed in his heart..imagine how aqeel will feel when he finds out…


Ismail:”just wait and see what I do….”


Ismail picks up his phone and starts dialling…


Ismail:”salaamz bru…howsit?”


12 thoughts on “part 20:

  1. zana says:

    Lovely post. Jazakallah. Lets hope ismail does it in a manner in which aqeel will sort his wife out and not hurt his friendship. Don’t people think that allah will see what they doing😒

  2. Shabana says:

    Aqeel is gonna lash out at Ismail and call it jealousy or somewhat. Faaiza and Ismail were right there, they shoulda taken a pic as proof.

  3. sister/in/islam says:

    Ooooh I’ve missed soo much in dese few days – was havin withdrawal symptoms !!!!! Fone was broken !! I’m bak ‎​​الحمد لله – n can’t wait for MOR !!!!!
    My heart was flutterrin n I was sooo happy in dese last few posts !!! @least that little bit of happiness is something for her – compared 2 wat she’s been thru….
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  4. a95r says:

    Just read from post one. Amazing story. So true about love and nikah.
    Have a question for faiza (lol I know she’s fictional) the guy had 3 girlfriends and u marry him?? Really, no matter how sweet he seemed but 3 girlfriends? OK I was shocked. Love comes after nikah not before, because before nikah, that is in the disobedience of Allah. When nikah is made Allah places love and mercy btwn husband and wife. When a relationship is haraam, how do you expect barakah?
    Advice from my ustaad: don’t marry the man u love, but learn to love the man u marry.

    • Thanks for the great advice..amazing words of wisdom from your honourable ustaad…

      Keep the comments coming..

      That’s why faaiza is suffering..she took away all the barakah when she chose to disobey Allah by dating before marriage…

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