part 16:


Ismail:”so why do we have to be the ones to take her in?what does she think?she can go screwing around everywhere and then dump herself and all her responsibilities on everyone elses heads?no ways…she’s NOT living under the same roof as I am..”


M.I.L:”well just remember MR…you are living under this roof free of charge. You don’t pay for one thing in this house to decide who can live here and who can’ you understand me?”


Ismail:”thanks a lot ma…for all I do for you and for this house, this is the thanks I get?how the hell do you expect me to help out with anything in this house when I’ve been getting paid a lousy R4000 for the past 15 years of my life..I practically run that freaking shop, I work like a dog, sometimes till so late. I open up and close up but I get 4 grand?I can hardly support my damn’s my wife..ask her when last I’ve ever taken her and the kids anywhere? In our entire 7 years of marriage, the only holiday we’ve ever been on is our honeymoon…”


F.I.L:”well if you’re so ungrateful of even that 4 grand, please find yourself another job and find yourself somewhere else to stay…hajoo you really going to sit around and allow your son to talk to you like this?”


Ismail:”you know what!you don’t have to sit around and listen to it..I’ve had enough. I have nev er spoken in this house. And today you throw me out? Some great parents you are..”


And with that ismail walks out..I sit there in complete silence..I have no idea what to say and also have no idea how the hell to get out of here….what in the world just happened?


I hear ismail banging our room door. I just stare at the ground very awkwardly until…


M.I.L:”ths is all YOUR fault(pointing at me)…


I look at her her to blame me for something I had nothing to do with..


She continues:”ever YOU came into my sons life, he’s changes so much…you have brainwashed him and made him think as stupidly as you do…”


And she gets up to walk away…


I guess its just me and the chimney(my father in law) left..I’m stunned…and totally confused..whereas he’s madly shaking his right leg which is hanging over his left leg..pulls out his cigar and starts puffing away furiously…


My father in laws rather one tarty looking person…I doubt he’s been like this his whole life, but being married to my mother in law, I don’t blame him. He’s usually very quiet and almost always reading the paper. But ask him what’s going on in the world and he’ll be clueless. He usually goes with the wind when there’s any conversation taking place. If everyone says the sky is green, he’ll also nod and say the sky is green. He’s probably very scared of the ‘old crow’ because you’ll never find him disagreeing with her even if she says he stinks…(Just saying)


 I uncomfortably get up and turn to go to my room..


I hold my door handle ready to open but I find that my hands are trembling. I’m so scared when ismails in a bad mood. What if he takes out his moods on me?what if he starts screaming and hitting me…


Crap, I have no choice, I have to go in because the loo calls again..


The minute I walk into my room I smell smoke..I suppose ismails smoking on the balcony again. He usually doesn’t smoke in the house unless he’s really stressed out. I don’t blame him. Actually, I feel him really sorry right now. I want to just hug him and tell him that I love him and that everythings going to be okay..but I’m scared..totally petrified of him…




I really apologize for not getting a chance to post yesterday…thanks so much to everyone for being so patient n understanding..


16 thoughts on “part 16:

  1. zana says:

    It makes so much sense. Now I see why he behaves the way he does with faaiza. He works so hard no appreciation then comes home to hear things which he is tolD his wife did.
    If they move out who is gonna mske savouries for the mil and sister in law.
    They will be so much happier on their own. But only allah knows where there rozi will be

  2. z says:

    Oh man! I feel so sorry for this couple. Hope all goes well for them. I think they should move out. Faiza is an understanding wife who doesn’t make demands. Allah provides. Hopefully their love will increase and the kids will hav a healthy environment

  3. rooksana says:

    Shame feel sorry 4 dem. I hope dey live on dey own its da best. Atleast faaiza will have sum freedom 2 do wat she wants in her own tym. Allah knws best.

  4. Binte Ahmed says:

    Wow definitely.overworked n underpaid..but its still unfair to take it out in faaiza..wat has the poor gal done?she just tries to keep peace as best as she can..n shes more like an overworked,underpaid maid,shame..but this is common in our society,the gals who dont have parents n strong backin r usually taken advantage of n bullied..sad!

    • That’s the reason I wanted to bring it up.I think its so unfair how daughter in laws are treated..I’ve seen it so many times..may Allah save us from ever being the witchy type of mother in laws.inshalah..

  5. yumz says:

    feel them so sorry.they should move maybe their marriage will benefit and ALLAH will never put anyone in a situation they cant bring themselves out of. great post jazakAllah.

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