part 15:


Hey there mozambiquans,zambians,canadians,south africans and british…


M.I.L:”well…(Clearing throat)…we’ve decided…(Clearing throat again)…we’ve decided that for 7 years now the 2 of you have lived with us in this house….along with your 2 children….and we’ve lived quite fine together. Faaiza you are an outsider and we took you into this home like our own. We cared for you and treated you like a queen….”


I’m an outsider…thanks a lot…get on with it now…


my mother in law continued:”you know as muslims charity begins at home and when it comes to family, we should never refuse…Allah will reward us tremendously for helping our fellow brothers and sisters out…”


Ismail: “jee mummy…sooo?what’s your point?”(Also getting abit annoyed at his mother major bayaan)


M.I.L:”choti khalla and her baby will be moving in with us from next weekend…I want you people to help her as much as you can, she’s been through a lot and she’s got nowhere else to go…”


Ismail:(cutting his mother off in the middle of her speech)”WHAT?choti khalla?she has a baby?when did that happen?and when did she even get married?and to who?”


M.I.L:”its a long story bhai..we don’t know everything. All we know is that she’s been staying in durban at barikhalas house for the past 7 or 8 months. Apparently she made a secret nikaah to some pakistani guy, she fell pregnant not long after that and when she told him she was pregnant, he disappeared..till today the poor thing can’t find him anywhere and he hasn’t contacted her ever since…now she has nowhere to go..and she’s my sister after all..have to help her you know…”


Ismail:”and you really believe that crap ma?”


M.I.L:”what you mean bhai?ya..its true…that’s what even barikhalla and yakoob mama said..”


Ismail:”mummy!get real!choti khala has never been married before, why in the world would she go and make a secret nikaah?who wouldve objected to her getting married? Everyone would’ve been over the moon for her…that’s the first crap of the whole story…secondly…a pakistani guy?like she would marry a pakistani guy..all the guys she’s ever been interested in were rich memon guys…now you telling me she fell in love with a pakistani…?please!”


M.I.L:”come now bhai, we mustnt doubt other people…”


Ismail:”well all I’m saying here is that chotikhalla is not an easy person to be living with and there’s no way in hell I’m living under the same roof as her. She’s just ungrateful and in the end when she doesn’t need you anymore, she’s going to kick you so hard and go somewhere else.”


M.I.L:”forget about the past beta…shame now she’s all alone.I’m her eldest sister…bari khallas house is so small and you know they’re not well off. How are they going to support her and her baby?and you know yakoob mamas wife saabira..she’ll never agree to do anything for our family and you know she does all that black magic nonsense…”


Ok so let’s introduce you to the inlaws…mum inlaw has 2 sisters namely barikhalla and chotikhalla..


Bari khalla lives in durbs…in chatsworth to be precise..she’s 2 years younger than my mum in law. she’s a gem of a person. But they are very poor. Her husband is a plumber so they don’t have much money.they live from hand to mouth. Bari khalla could never have children…


Then came yakoob mama who married a coloured lady and reverted her to islam…she’s a very friendly woman and makes the yummiest koeksisters ever..her name is saabira…yakoob mama is 10 years younger than bari khalla..he’s a very straight forward person…but very jolly…he can make any crowd roar with laughter…they have just one daughter..fairooz..everyone in the family doesn’t like sabera because she’s malay and because she wasn’t born what they did was accuse her of jadoo and witch craft, black magic and all sorts of crap..honestly, been an ‘outsider’, I don’t believe a word of it..she doesn’t even look the type…


Last but not least is the spoilt little trouble maker of the family…chotikhalla…but my granny in law(may Allah give her jannah) passed away while giving birth to this cow chotikhalla…who’s been nothing but trouble from the moment she entered this world…..

2 thoughts on “part 15:

  1. zana says:

    Its about time Ismail stood up to his mother. Hopefully next time he speaks to like that will be to defend his wife. Really don’t understand why some men takd their mothers word over their wives😝

    • Guess there mothers don’t let go and they don’t let go of their mothers..they still are mamas says they need to be rude or disrespectful to their mothers..but what’s right is right!

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