part 14:

I need to get some citro soda…I opened up my medicine cupboard to take out a sachet…I think I’ve got a bad bladder infection…and it hurts like hell…lots of water is the only option right now…knowing ismail, he won’t even bother taking me to the doctor…nothings ever serious enough for him…


Staying hungry isn’t usually a problem for me…but today I was feeling terribly nauseous because of the hunger…


Oh crap…could I be?no it can’t be possible…but come to think of it, when I fell pregnant with the twins, I started off with a bladder infection aswel…and the nausea…yikes!after 6 start all over again…ok ok…now I’m jumping to conclusions…I’d rather not and wait to see if it all clears..its probably just a bug..


Once the kids were up, I bathed them and gave them breakfast. By then mum and dad in law were up too…


My father in law usually sat at the breakfast table on a sunday with the sunday times newspaper…sundays was usually just a quick tea breakfast with whatever baking I had…


Biscuit baking was usually done on a wednesday and cakes etc on a friday or saturday morning…


Finally ismail was up at 11..I quickly poured his masala tea, topped it with his usual 3 teaspoons of sugar(I know..extra sugar rush) and finally got to eat something…but just as I’d sat down, it was time for the loo again…ugh!


When I got back down, mum in law was on her way to take a shower when she reminded us of the major meeting we were due for immediately after lunch…


I put the birani up to steam as they usually wanted to eat immediately when my father in law gets back from zuhr namaaz..


We ate lunch as normal, everything was divine..but ofcourse the wicked witch had to paSs some comment..either there was too much of masala, or too little salt or the sour milk was too watery or the salad had no carrots..blah blah blah….I’ve learnt to take it in from one ear and take it out the other..


M.I.L:”don’t forget to pack away some of everything for poor batchu..I’ll phone her to come fetch it later…and clear up quickly, we waiting for you people in the lounge upstairs for the meeting”


Faaiza:”jee mummy”


While ismail went outside to hit a quick smoke..I cleared up, packed rukaya batchus food and washed up whatever dishes there were..


my stomach was turning…I wonder what the meeting could be all about…


I tried to think of everything possible that I could have done…I couldn’t come up with anything….


Ismail walked back instead and gave me a filthy look, so to say “you in for big trouble woman”


I hurriedly gave the kids a little canvas each and some paints and told them to paint in the garden for a while…


I stopped over at the loo again before I rushed to the upstairs living room where everyone waited very quietly…


I sat down next to mother in law moved uncomfortably in her father in law carefully folded up the newspaper he was busy reading and placed it along with his glasses on the coffee table infront of him..


He cleared his throat…”Mummy and I were discussing a few things and mummy thought that there were a few things she needed to involve the 2 of you in..”


He looked at my mother in law as she wore the pants in the house usually and always called the meetings and made decisions…


M.I.L:”well…(Clearing throat)…we’ve decided…(Clearing throat again)…we’ve decided that for 7 years now the 2 of you have lived with us in this house….along with your 2 children….”


13 thoughts on “part 14:

  1. zana says:

    Wonder what’s up her sleeve. 😮 Ismail needs to stop listening to everything his mother has to say. He needs an eye opener to see what he has in front of him

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