part 13:



I can’t even call salma to let her know that I won’t make it for the picnic tomorrow..


I don’t own a cellphone.ismail feels that there’s no need for one as I’m always at home..if I need to call anyone, there’s the house phone to use and if I do go out its with him so there’s no need for a phone then either..


The truth is..I don’t use the house phone, unless I need to call him urgently, which is hardly ever..I used to use the phone in the beginning of my marriage just to call my grandparents now and then to check on them..I generally am not one to sit for hours on. The phone making panchaat..but even when I used to call them, I wouldn’t hear the end of it…


Ofcourse my mother in law wouldn’t say it to my face, but you would hear the constant complains to everyone about me reporting everything that happens in my life to my dadi..which is a whole load of bull…and then you would hear her complaining that the phone account was sky high at the end of the month..funny enough they are actually on telkoms plan 3,…which means they get 1000 minutes free monthly from telkom to telkom…and telkom to telkom calls from 7 in he evening to 7 in the morning is free…


So I stopped using the phone..I stopped calling my grandparents and I stopped keeping in touch with everyone…


Yes, when I do meet anyone anywhere, they all complain of how anti social I’ve become and how I don’t care about anyone anymore..but no-one understands my situation and I don’t bother explaining myself either..


Anyway….salma knows me better than anyone does, so she’ll know something was up again. Even though I don’t tell her how pathetic my life has become, she knows me well enough to sense the tension..


The next day was our meeting…I woke up early on sunday morning as sundays everyone else sleeps till late. Apparently they’re exhausted from the whole weeks hecticness..but I’m not ofcourse(rolling eyes)…I have to be on duty..


My mother in laws maid is off on a sunday which means that I have to see that the rest of the house is spick and span, the breakfast table is set and the sunday biryani along with accompaniments are all ready and set before everyone wakes up.


Lucky for me, the twins love their sleep so they only up at 9 which gives me enough time to do most of my work before they get up…


I usually wake for ismail to wake up before I have breakfast every morning..sunday is a long wait because he usually only wakes up at 11..I’m so used to it..but today for some reason,I’m starving…infact I’m feeling terrible..I’m sure my blood pressures very low or something because I’m feeling very light headed…


Anyway, I’ve got no time to sit and feel sick…I need to get things done here…


I continue with my work…very very slowly compared to normally…once the house is clean, I decided to just take a few minutes to catch my breath…


What in the world is wrong with me today?I’m usually as fit as a fiddle…I can do so many things in such a short time…agh maybe I’m just getting the flu or something…I’ll take a flutex tonight before I go to bed..I usually don’t take any medication during the day because I’m not used to it and I tend to feel very drowsy…so if I ever need medication, it would have to be at night once everything is sorted out in the house..


Living in your inlaws home is no feel so pressurized all the time…because they tend to pick on your every action…


GET UP FAAIZA!!!the clock is can’t sit around like a lazy douche…I scold myself and quickly get up to finish up..


Shew…an hour later I’ve somehow managed to finish everything…


But oh no..I’m feeling even worse…I need to rush to the bathroom for the millionth time this morning…..and ouch it hurts soooo badly….


4 thoughts on “part 13:

  1. zana says:

    It is hard living with in laws. Hope she is not pregnant again. Lets hope if she is this baby will change her life for the better

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