part 10:

That night I lay in bed smiling to myself. Its been ages since I felt so happy. I held my phone in my hand staring at ismails number. I couldn’t call him, that would just be too forward. And I didn’t give him my number so he couldn’t phone me. Maybe I should just message him so that he would have my number. But what would he think of me? So confused…


I put my phone back on the pedestal on my bedside, turned around and closed my eyes. I should just sleep. Forget about him…I can’t afford to get too close to anyone..its too painful to lose them…


But somehow, the more I tried to sleep, the more I thought of how sweet and caring ismail is. If I don’t contact him he’ll just forget about me. And I’ll be the only one to lose out because I’ll be alone again…I picked my phone up again and contemplated once again…


I started typing…..but then I cleared the message…he’ll think I’m crazy..its like 12:30. He did say he has to work on a saturday..he’ll obviously be sleeping…I put my phone back down again….


If his sleeping, he’ll see the message in the morning…I don’t think he’ll bother about what time I sent him the message….I picked up the phone for the 3rd time…goodness woman!get over with it…just message him….just a simple thank you…there’s no harm in that..


“Salaams” I typed…”Its faaiza!don’t worry,I’m not stranded again,but I just thought I’d tell you thanks for today.I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you for your kindness.if you ever need anything,I’m here!keep in touch.take care”


And I sent it…phew!why was that so hard…I’m sure he’ll read it in the I can finally sleep…I’m exhausted. I placed my phone down for the last time..


When suddenly it began to ring….


I got a shock and picked up. Oh my god oh my god..he’s like 12:45..!?!


Me:(cleared throat)”hello?”


Ismail:”hey!you’re not sleeping yet?”


Me:”no not yet..and you?I thought you’d be sleeping a long time’ve got work tomoRrow right?”


Ismail:”yeah I do…was just chatting to some friends”


Me:”oh..I see…girlfriends maybe?”




Me:”that means yes…so?what’s her name?”


Ismail:”depends which one you talking about(laugh)”


Me:”oh! So there’s a few?”


Ismail:”I’m not the kind for serious relationships…”


Me:”but you 28…shouldn’t you be settling down?”


Ismail:”you sound like my mother now.(laugh)..I suppose…my mothers been nagging me since I was 23 to do the samoosa run…but I just wasn’t ready…enjoying my freedom…I guess I’ll know when the times right”


We carried on chatting for another 2 hours and I didn’t even realise it. The time just flew by.He told me that he had 3 different girlfriends at the moment. He was a damn was still in matric…that’s like cradle snatching…gosh! The other one was at campus studying bcom and the other one was in a different town altogether…each one of them didn’t know he was dating the next…crazy huh?


And here he was chatting to me…I felt a slight bit of jealousy…why?when I only knew the guy for less than 24 hours….


We began talking about me. He wanted to know about my life. I told him about my parents and about the type of person I was and the type I’d become and that he’s the first person I’m talking to about all this. I’d bottled it all up till now. I was so comfortable talking to him. I felt so good..He seemed so genuine…giving me some comfort and consolement here and there…


Me:”oh no! Its been 2 whole hours and you’re calling on my cell…I’m so sorry to be telling you all my sad stories…”


Ismail:”you didn’t just offer to tell me..I why are YOU saying sorry?just know that I’m here for you whenever you need me. Even if its just to talk. You don’t have to feel lonely and sad.I’m just sorry that you had it so hard and that you’d gone through so much…”


Me:”aww…thanks!you’re really wonder you have 3 girlfriends..”


I tried lightening the situation…we both laughed..


Me:”anyway!you should get some sleep…thanks for listening..and for calling”


Ismail:”my pleasure sweetheart! I’m going to get some sleep and dream of….a pretty, sweet girl who’s survived so much”


My heart skipped a beat and I was blushing so much I’m sure he could see it through the phone…


Me:(giggle)…”sleep tight!”


Ismail:”will do…you too and sweetest dreams k…..I’ll call you again tomorrow sometime…and don’t be shy to call…Anytime!”




we hung up….


And Thats where it all went wrong…..

2 thoughts on “part 10:

  1. FATZ says:

    Aggg sweets faazia . Y ! Y! Y! Did u have 2 fall 4 him so quick . But den again I wudnt blame u again. Loosing both ur parents u tend to look 4 att n L♥√ع . I feel ur pain . Hope u find happiness

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