part 9:

What in the world was happening to me? No guy has ever caught my attention before and here I am with my insides feeling all fuzzy and warm….get over yourself fay….he’s just probably a friendly guy trying to help a fellow muslim girl out…I’m sure he has no other intentions..its all innocent..


So after giving my grandparents a call to explain what had happened and that I should be home soon, I entered the house. I stood just in the entrance and gave a sort of fake cough to get his attention. I didn’t want to just roam around trying to find my way in someone else’s house..


Guess the cough worked because ismail came to the entrance..I handed him his phone..


Ismail:”all sorted with the old folks?”


Me:”jee jazakallah…atleast its warm in here. As much as I love winter, it was starting to get abit chilly out there..this weathers so strange. This morning must have been around 30 degrees..and now its like a typical winters day….”


Oh come on faaiza….weather talk?Is there nothing better you could talk about than the weather..?


Ismail:”true..but you love winter?are you nuts?”


Me:”I’m a winter baby I guess”(smile)


Ismail:”come on winter baby, your coffees ready..and it seems to be clearing up so I can sort the car out”


He directed me to the kitchen where we sat and drank our coffee…we had quite an interesting conversation where I learnt quite abit about him.


His father owned the stationary shop in town and he works there. His parents were away on holiday so he was all alone for the week…he wasn’t married(ahem!)..he had 2 sisters who were both married…


I ended up telling him who my grandfather was and because we lived in the same town, he seemed to know more about me than I’d known about him.


He knew that my parents had both passed on. We spoke abit but he didn’t get into any of the finer details. I’m sure he didn’t want to open up any old wounds.


I probably didn’t know him because I’d always been in my own world. I don’t know any guys in town and he is pretty much older than me. He was 28 at the time and I was only 20. That’s probably also why I haven’t ever heard of him. Different generation altogether..


Ismail:”come on madam,I should get your car started before it starts getting too late”


We went outside back to the car.I watched while he did whatever needed to be done. Within 20 minutes to half an hour my car was started…


Ismail:”there you go!all ready for you”


He jumped out of the car and stood by the car door for me to get seated..


Ismail:”I’m going to follow you back home just to make sure you don’t get stuck again..”


Me:”its’ve done enough!no need to.its just a street away, I’m sure I should be fine..”


Ismail:”no harm if I come and make sure then..I’ll follow you. I can’t let a young lady who’s car isn’t all that right just leave on her own at this hour”


Me:”if you insist(giggle)”


Ismail:”I do insist(gorgeous smile again)”


He opened the gate and allowed me to reverse first and then followed me home..


Upon reaching, I parked my car in the garage and dada came to me..


Dada:”everything sorted beti?”


Me:”jee dada.that gentleman over there was kind enough to sort the problem out”


Dada:”let me go and thank him then”


Dada walked to ismails car and shook his hand..


Dada:”thanks so much son for all your help!why don’t you come inside for a meal?its the least we can do to repay you for your kindness!”


Ismail:”jazakallah uncle!another time inshalah..”


Me:(smile)dada he’s alone at home.his parents are not home so I’m sure he doesn’t have anyone to prepare supper for him tonight…I insist you stay for supper ismail..”


Dada:”then we not letting you go just like that.come on!just have a meal and then you can run away..”


Ismail:(laugh)…”okay okay…I’ll come!how can anyone refuse such good people?”


I smiled…this was one really eventful day I must say..


Ismail came in and dada being the extremely entertaining type, had ismail quite entertained.


I went to my room to leave my things and then went to help dadi in the kitchen…supper was amazing as usual…I usually have my turn on weekends to cook.dadi doesn’t want me stressing about all of that during the days are too hectic she says.


Ismail was rather quiet, or maybe dada didn’t give him much time to talk..that’s dada for you..always blabbing away.


Once supper was over, ismail excused himself and said that he needed to leave..


Ismail:”its been a hectic day, I should get going.everything was lovely jazakallah.”


Dada:”its the least we can do son!jazakallah to you for helping our princess here..”


Ismail looked at me and smiled..why in the world was I feeling so shy?


Dadi called dada to tell him that there was a phonecall for him..


Dada:”ok son!you go nicely and pop in again sometime..was nice meeting you and convey salaams to your father also..assalaamu alaykum!”


Ismail:”wa laykum salaam!will do ishalah”


I walked ismail out to his car…


Me:”jazakallah so much for everything!”


Ismail:”no stress..anytime!you should take my number down…if ever you stranded or need help, feel free to call….”


OMG.he was giving me his number…..


19 thoughts on “part 9:

  1. yumz says:

    who wouldnt fall in love with someone that seems that amazing. the problem is after that only do u realise what a facade that person put on in the first place. awesome post cant wait for the next one. jazakALLAH.

  2. rooksana says:

    Awesome post. Wish he could be nyc 2 her like hw he is sweet twkn her nw. But I guess everyone show dey jaat after mariage. Post soon

    • Wslm…I’m not sure what you are doing…but here’s the link to the home page…

      Click onto the last post and then you’ll find arrows on either side of the page that will either take you to the next post or previous post….

      Hope this helps…let me know if you don’t come right…

      • says:

        I have a bb and selected column view the same way I read other blogs but for some reason the arrows are highlighted and I can seem to get the next post 😦
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      • says:

        Jee I tried what u said..

        No I’m stuck on 5 – read up until 5 by googling posts then 6 didn’t come up so read 9
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      • Lol..ok…

        Close your browser and try again….by login onto the home page

        My last post was ‘pages to read’….click on the heading…it will take u to that page….then you’ll find the arrows on either on them….until you come to the post you’d like to read…

        If that still doesn’t work….use this format for every post you’d like to read….

        and so on…so sorry for the inconvenience

      • says:

        Just tried it now still can’t 😥 could u email me the chapter’s by any chance?
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      • says:

        Jee it’s not a problem.. Jzkl for all ur trouble!
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