part 8:

It was peak hour traffic. The storm had added to the traffic and now me being stuck in the middle of the road had caused even more traffic..


I wasn’t even on the side of the road. I was stuck right smack in the middle. Cars were hooting at me and I’m sure if it wasn’t raining I would have heard them swearing me aswel. 


I was scared already when a knock on my window shook me even more…I looked up and found that there was an indian guy,probably in his late 20’s looking through the window.


I opened it slightly to hear what he was saying…


Guy:”is everything ok?”


Me:”ofcourse…everythings perfect!just the way I’ve planned! I was just tired and needed a break so I decided to stop over in the middle of the road at peak hour traffic”(totally sarcastic)


Guy:”sorry!(Laugh) ok that was a dumb question. Are you ok?was it an accident or are you just stuck”


Me:”I guess I’m just stuck”


Guy:(holding open an umbrella)”look!I live here..I just got home from work only to realise that you madam are stuck infront of my driveway. Why don’t you get out of the car, take this umbrella(turning around to press the remote to his gate) and sit where its dry on one of those chairs on the patio..I’ll try to see what’s the matter or atleast move your car out of the way..”


I felt so embarrassed…


Me:(opening my car door)”ok…thanks!”


I grabbed the umbrella and ran towards the patio.once I was safe and sound under the patio, I sat down…


The gentleman was in the car trying to start it, which he failed to do..then I noticed him on his phone..he cut the call and a few minutes later there was a malawi boy who came from somewhere at the back of the house. I watched as the 2 of them pushed the car into the double driveway…the guy then ran to his car which was parked in the neighbours driveway and brought it into the driveway also, next to my car…


The rain seemed to have settled abit by the time he came back to where I was sitting..


Guy:”did you by any chance leave your car lights on while your car was switched off?”


Me:”umm…I’m not sure..maybe..why?”


Guy:”I think it could be your battery that’s dead..its nothing that can’t be fixed..(Looks at the sky)it looks like the rain clouds are passing by so if you don’t mind waiting abit for the rain to stop..then I can quickly boost start it for you..bu if you in a hurry to get somewhere, I can offer to drop you off and bring the car to you when its sorted?”


Me:”umm..its just that my grandparents are going to get abit worried cos I’m usualy home by 5….”


Guy:”did you call them to tell them what happened?”


Me:(feeling slightly embarrassed)…not reeeeally…err…I couldn’t phone anyone cos my airtime was finished…”


Guy:(handing me his phone)..”Here, give them a call and let them know that you’re safe and you’ll be home shortly…and once you’re done with that, why don’t you come inside and get warmed up before you get sick..I’ll get you a cup of coffee in the meantime..”


Me:”…by the way, my names faaiza..and thanks so much for all the help….I’m so sorry for snapping at you earlier…I was just abit frustrated..”


Guy:(gorgeous smile and wink)…don’t stress about it..I’m sure you must’ve been….just glad I was able to get you off the road….please don’t be shy to come inside..there’s no-one home anyway…”


Me:(warm smile)”jazakallah!”


He was about to walk into the house when he turned around and said:


“Oh and I’m ismail…nice to meet you too….(And there was that very gorgeous smile again)…


7 thoughts on “part 8:

  1. zana says:

    Lol she got stuck outside his house. Why can’t he stay do sweet. Sometimes I think all the pressure people go through changes them. Some for the better others worse

  2. yumz says:

    finally found you im gona havta call you Sumaya lol coz thats what i know you as. hope you dont mind? i was going crazy wondering what happened to you and your blog. firstly to whoever created problems for you by trying to unmask you i hope your hair turns green and your toes fall off. really glad to have you back pity we wont know wehta happened to Sumaya but i must say i am quite enjoying this new blog.

  3. FATZ says:

    Aww he was so sweet. Wonder where dis stinking attitued came frm. Hate man dat act sweet n behind dey filthy lyk dogs

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