part 7:

I ran to attend to my screaming child who was holding his face when I got to him…


Me:”what happened baby?what’s wrong?”


Riyaad:(through tears and crying)”fayaaz bhai shot me with his bb gun on my cheek…mama its burning…it stings..and its sore….”


I gave fayaaz a filthy look but I dared not say anything..


Fayaaz: “it was a mistake you baby!..I was aiming for outside when you came in the way…”


Riyaad:(whispering to me)”he’s lying mama.he only lifted the gun up when I came in the kitchen”


Me:”shh..its ok..just leave it my boy”


I took my kids and walked to the table where everyone was busy having a hearty conversation. When I came to the dining room door they all conveniently stopped..


Ismail:”who was screaming like that?riyaad was it you again?”


Me:”yeah..there was just a little accident..but he’s okay now…aren’t you big boy?(Looking at riyaad)”


Riyaad just nodded…


Ismail:”come here my boy…and my little princess..I didn’t see you today..come give daddy a big hug!”


The twins ran over to their father who was always very fond of them surprisingly. That’s why it was so impossible to ever tell anyone about his abusive nature. No-one would ever believe me because he’s the total opposite to everyone else. He appears to be the sweetest, most generous, friendly person ever.


As they say, the whole world can think you a saint and your wife thinks you a terror..then you’re a terror..


Nabi(s.a.w) stressed so much on kindness to women..but unfortunately some people don’t give a damn…


Well here I am complaining again..okay there are times when he’s such a darling to me..(SIGH).but it never lasts for more than a couple of hours..


I sometimes think he only married me out of sheer sympathy…you see once daddy passed away, I changed a lot. I sorta went into a shell..the extrovert faaiza became an extreme case of an introvert. I spent most of my days alone, I cut everyone out of my life…


At campus I never hung out with any of my friends. I dropped at passion in psychology was no longer there…half way through my second year I decided to quit and do graphic designing instead..


There was so much to artwork that I enjoyed..I could express myself in a way that nobody else would understand or care. I loved drawing. I felt like a whole load was lifted up after I’d been creative…


Oneday, on my way home from a session, it was raining really hard. I took a turn onto the road before mine when the car just switched off..I was in a panic. it was close to 5pm peak hour traffic, the roads were wet and it started to hail. I reached for my cellphone only to realize that I had no airtime…oh crap!I was doomed. I hadn’t spoken to any of my friends or family in such a long while, I couldn’t possibly ask for help now only when I needed them and No-one in their right minds was going to stop to help me in this kind of weather. Or that’s what I thought..


14 thoughts on “part 7:

  1. zana says:

    Faaiza needs to stand up for herself or else for rest of her life she is going to be making savouries for people who don’t appreciate her and a husband who thinks he did her a favour by marrying her😐

      • sister/in/islam says:

        Hmmmm sooo true abt those who keep quiet !! I get picked on ALL the time , yet I still don’t say anything – sometimes just small things irritate dem … N the other dawta in laws r blunt n answer bak … N even if dey do the same thing … Dey not told anything …. I’m soo used to it now ( gone much less ‎​​الحمد لله ) so I just ignore .
        But my hubby is very good ‎​​الحمد لله – he says ‘ don’t worry – she’s old now , ignore her ‘ … Its little things like da girls scarves don’t match – or why u make dem wear such old clothes- I DON’T – ( gosh !! Geta life woman !! ) —- der r really much mor important things in life !
        But u know – we can nvr ever plz any1 , ppl just like to find fault – we must just concentrate on pleasing اللَّهُ n den everything will fall in2 place – ‎​إنشاءالله
        Interesting story – realy feeling sorry for her , I just wanna barge in2 dat home n give dem a piece of my mind *blocking eyes* ( evn tho I don’t do dat for myself ) lol
        Waiting for the next post !!!
        جزاك اللهُ خيراً

      • May Allah make it easy for u sister…I can guarantee u..give it a few more years and the respect you get will be worth all the patience..and the nasty ones….Allah is most just and at some point your inlaws will get to see who’s the better one inshalah…
        Having an understanding husband by ur side is the greatest gift Allah could give.may Allah increase your muhabbat…this message goes out not only to you but to all those who feel the same.. 🙂

  2. zana says:

    We always try to do everything for the pleasure of allah. But sometimes its in our nature to want that little praise. And there’s only so much u can do before you have had enough

  3. rooksana says:

    Urll r soo true sisters. Allah mk it easy 4 urll. Ameen. What goes around mst cum around. Wen ppl treat u bad kill dem wid kindness. Bcz our nabi (saw) did dat.

    • 🙂 very true…by being nasty back, it just makes a sitution worse. When we keep quiet sometimes its for the best. But when it gets too far, we have to put our foot down. Atleast once..

  4. FATZ says:

    I must say alhamdulilla 100 if not a 1000 tyms a day . Wat beautiful in laws I have. Great blog. It helpe pple lyk us with gud in laws 2 make so much shukar . I knw its fiction n wat but I do hope somwhere along faazia finds happiness. Or hubby realizes n opens his eys n begs 4 forgivenss .

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