part 6:

Everyone came down and sat at the table when we heard someone hooting….


Oh great!another pain to add to my wonderful day….its none other than rukaya and her brats….


Rukayas kids are your typical rich,spoilt brats. They have absolutely no manners, are Rude and very violent…from the eldest who’s 18 to the youngest who’s 2…except for her daughter aamina…she’s very different. Sort of the outcast of the family. Maybe she took after her fathers side.


Rukayas family:

Yusuf-18 years old

Fayaaz-15 years old



Mohammed ihsaan-2


They all entered the house LOUDLY as usual…how typical of them to always pitch upt at meal times..with absolutely no salaam…its like they were never taught to make salaam when entering a house..


Fayaaz:”NANI….what you got to chow?I’m hungry”


Thamina:”nana nana…I went wit my mummy to da mall and I seen such a pretty hello kitty dressing table set by da one shop der..mummy said I must tell you to go buy it for me…”


Yusuf: “ismail….you seen my new car my topi got for me?its kwaai man….you must come check it ne…”


*none of them call us with respectable names as they should..we are their aunty and uncle but we’re just called faaiza and ismail and no-one ever reprimands them or corrects them..


Mohammed Ihsaan was screaming and howling as usual and hitting his mother who he calls rookiya…


Thamina was always a very sweet and quiet one. She’s always picked on because of this and taken advantage of. She came in quietly and went personally to greet,hug and kiss everyone on the table..


Rukaya:”faaiza where’s my savouries of this week?you never sent any with the driver on thursday?are you getting lazy now or what?I see tuesdays jalapeno samoosas that came were folded so untidy…”


Witch!…be grateful that I spend my entire day making pur, rolling with my bare hands, making the fillings and filling and sending them to you….why the hell don’t you make it yourself then…I wish I could tell her all this to her face…but as usual I choose to kill with my kindness…I put on a fake smile….


Me:”actually I did..I made some chicken sheesh kebaabs..your 7 dozen is in the freezer…your driver was in a hurry and said he’ll come back to fetch it..but he didn’t…”


M.I.L:”come my batchu…come sit and eat…I just warmed the food and that because I knew youl come any minute now..and shame, your life is so hectic and busy, I’m sure you didn’t have any time to prepare lunch…


Busy?my foot!maybe running around and chilling at one of the most expensive spas around…more like too lazy to prepare lunch…and YOU warmed the food?


luckily no-one can read my mind and know how much I talk to myself…hehe…


I just looked In my plate and continued eating…


Ismail:”faaiza where’s the twins?they didn’t even bother to greet me when I got home today.”


Faaiza:”they probably didn’t know you were back home yet. But I sent riyaad to come and call you for lunch?..they sitting in the garden and eating”


I can’t say that his mother told me to keep them out of the way…


M.I.L: (in a very fake sweet voice)”why you dumped them outside?call them inside.see their cousins are here also. They’re your children..must be very good to them also”


I’m so used to her turning things to make me look like the bad one here. especially infront of ismail.


I got up to call them from outside. Atleast I could get abit of a breather from all the chaos inside for a few minutes.


Me:”hey kiddos! You done eating?must I dish out more for you? Come inside and sit with all of us. Rukaya foi and the kids are here also.”


The twins just looked at eachother very disappointed…


Me:”hey!whatsup?come won’t be that bad..and if anyone picks on you guys come and tell me ok?”


They nodded and picked up their things to take inside…


When reaching the kitchen door to enter the house, riyaad let out a terrible scream…..


8 thoughts on “part 6:

  1. faati says:

    Love ur blog..
    This actually happens quite often in our society
    Aggg i hate two faced people…
    It Jus makes my blooood boil..
    Wen wil dey ever learn to respect the poor daughter in law,she is someones daughter as wel and not a slave….
    I dnt undesrstand y do people always make the daughter in law as a bad person…
    yoh they such horrible in-laws…

    A daugter in law can give her life to her in-laws,but she wil never be somebody goood in they eyes…sad reality..only option Sabr Sabr Sabr..

    • It deffinately does happen a lot and that’s why I decided to bring it up…shukr not for me but many people are going through some tough times. Those unmarried need to realise that marriage is no bed of roses…there are many thorns..

  2. FATZ says:

    Sho lucky faaiza dnt have a temper like me . I’ll kill all of dem. Hell no dese pple r freak4 no fear of allah in der haearts

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