part 4:



my father in law owns a stationary shop in town. Ismail just works for him. They acually make him work like a dog and pay him peanuts. My inlaws are the height of stinginess and I tried telling ismail this but he’s totally blinded. He gets really angry when I talk about his family.


It really hurts me because I always tell him the facts and then he ends up swearing and screaming at me, but when his family bad mouths me sometimes to my face and lots of the time behind my back, he never stands up for me or gets angry with them.


I sometimes think that ismail takes more advantage of me because I have no father or brother to turn to. Maybe if I had a father he wouldve been too afraid to abuse me the way he does.


I generally show a really good face to everyone, no matter who it is or how hurt I am. I always have a huge smile plastered over my not-so-pretty-face-anymore.


Why is my face not so pretty anymore?well let’s just say if a rock is being banged almost every second day, you don’t expect it to remain the same now do you?it tends to get dents and shatter abit..


Yes yes…ismail is very abusive. He can really be a sweetheart sometimes. I think he just gets too pressurized by his parents, mainly the evil witch…


And as for other siblings in laws…ismail has 2 elder sisters….kulsum lives in the eastern cape but calls almost all the time to gossip with her mother about what ‘the daughter in law’ has been upto..


Rukaya lives on the street behind us. She’s here every single day with her 5 brats. She’s married to some stinking rich memon who treats her like a queen. He practically licks the ground that she walks on while she just enjoys the luxury of 4 domestics, a golf 7 GTI as a run around car, a garden boy, a driver who drives a C-class(so I don’t know why its necessary to have a run around car), a personal chef and she gets a monthly allowance of R30 000 loaded onto her card for just her personal use.


Both my sister in laws are a carbon copy of my mother in law–witches to the Tee….they are much elder than me as ismail was the baby of the house, the only son and the laat lametjie(he was born 11 years after rukaya). So both my sister in laws are in their 40’s.


I could hear that ismail was home from work. He was busy chatting with his mother downstairs before he came up to the room. I needed to ask him about the picnic tomorrow but I’m so terrified. Last year sometime I’d plucked up the courage to ask him if I could go to a family friends mayyit and he totally flipped. The fight got really nasty and the insults were so hurtful…


Ismail: “you know you’re damn lucky that I married you. You a bloody orphan.who the hell do you think would have ever married you? I felt you sorry and give you everything of the best. So stop being such a nag..the woman is dead! What difference does it make if you go to her funeral now? She won’t even know ou were there. Besides, this thing about going to mayyit houses and all that is just a whole lot of bull…there was never such a thing in the time of nabi(s.a.w)”


I just kept my mouth shut but in my head I kept wondering, what in your life MR do you do that nabi(s.a.w) did In his life. Typically choosing from deen what suits you and when it suits you…


And that was the first and last time I had asked to go anywhere. I was too scared of another incident like that…


And here I was pacing up and down my room reading every dua that popped in my head, even toilet duas just to pluck up the courage to go on a picnic with salma tomorrow..


Just then ismail barged into the room……


10 thoughts on “part 4:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    Awww really feel soo sorry for her !! *hugs* we take it for granted wen we hav loving families , husbands , in-laws … we forget abt those who r being abused .. n we forget to make sooooo much shukr to اللَّهُ … May اللَّهُ grant dem ALL muhabbat n understanding and make life very easy for her – ‎​​​آمين

    Really enjoyin ur story !!
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  2. FATZ says:

    So sad . Dats no way a man shud treat his wife . Specaillay calling her a ophen dats so low. We did he 4 get our beloved Nabi s.a.w was an ophen too. His attitude stinks . She deserves 100 % better

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