part 3:


I wonder what Salma wants to tell me..probably one of her hilarious stories of another weird samoosa run. Salma is my best friend. We’ve grown up together from the time we were in diapers. Well actually salma and I were neighbours, her parents and mine were very close friends and we also went to school and madressa together.


The 2 of us were like cheese and chalk but were always extremely close. We respected each others views and ideas. While I was more of the simpler one, salma was very dramatic and very fussy. I don’t stress about anything really whereas salma stresses even about the tiniest of crease on her underware..


Salma: “oh no! What if I meet up in this MAJOR accident and my clothes rip and the people that attend to my very injured or dead body notice that I’d worn a creased panty?”


I was in stitches….”Salma….you cannot be serious…you should listen to yourself sometimes. If I didn’t know you better I would have seriously taken you to be totally psycho…”


While I was married by 24, salma who’s now 30 still hasn’t found Mr.Perfect..I tried telling her many times that he doesn’t exist but she just wouldn’t budge…


Salma: “I know he’s there…let me tell you, I’ve dreamt of him…its like aladin or something you know…he’s probably living somewhere in the boondus and he’ll appear oneday with trays of pearls and rubies and all kinds of gems and fly me away on his magic carpet…”


Me: “dramatic as usual, you really shouldn’t have joined me for speech and drama classes when we were young..its really done some strange things to you”


I really hoped that salma would find someone who’d appreciate her for who she is. As crazy as she is, she has a heart of gold and gives it all when she cares about you…she just goes all out..


Marriage is no joke. Infact its far from that..its sacrifice, sacrifice and lots more sacrifice on a womans part…sometimes I find it really unfair. Why do we have to leave everything and change completely for our husbands when they just continue living like normal…


Well I guess there’s no use complaining..I made my bed and so I should just lie in it…


7 thoughts on “part 3:

  1. Ummeafm says:

    Really enjoying this blog but issuing the other one also. Keep up the good work bcoz u r good at writing ما شاء الله

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