part 2:


“Good things comes to those who wait”


I couldn’t believe it….dad moved his hand after 3 and half months when all the doctors had given up.truly Allah is The All knowing Most Wise…


Dad was out of his coma and spent the next few days in recovery. He had quite a few broken bones, bruises and cuts externally and the doctors said that there was quite abit of damage internally aswel…bu somehow he was strong and recovered well…


A week later dad was discharged and returned home…everyone was so happy and I even through a surprise welcome back party for him..I invited all mums family and dads family and some very close friends of dads who’ve been a great support throughout most of our difficult times..


Daddy was happy to be home. It was tough at first but I made sure he rested very well and since I was 18 and without a mum I was very responsible already. I fussed over hime like crazy. 


Dad and I would sit up till late, catching up, talking and laughing. Oh how I missed him..


Me: “daddy please don’t ever leave me again..”


Dad: “my dear…we all have to leave at some time of our lives…remember to love but don’t think that life is impossible without a certain someone or something..I learnt this when your mum passed away…we were so attached and I never could imagine life without her…infact we were so happy together that the thought of her not being here oneday never ever crossed my mind…”




(Smile)..”you know your mum would never even go for holiday to your nanis house in all the 17 years that she was married…oh how I’d beg her sometimes..not because I didn’t want her there…but because I felt that she worked too hard and sometimes needed a break from all her responsibilities…but she would always say that she loves me too much to leave me and go…”


Dad noticed my tears falling down and I noticed him gulping hard, trying to be as brave as he always was…


“Even when she gave birth to you, she said she wants to come straight back home after the hospital so that we could share in the joy and start bonding as a family from day one…”


Me:”you miss her a lot don’t you?dad its ok to feel sad and to cry sometimes. You don’t always have to be so full of courage.I understand that you probably hurting more than anyone else because mum was your whole life.”


Dad:”ofcourse I’m sad my dear..that’s why I never moved on…no woman will ever be able to take your mothers place….she was perfect…and we’ll deffinatley meet soon….”


Dad and I had many meaningful conversations once he was out of hospital.


The first jumu’ah after he’d been discharged he was still not well enough to go to the masjid. He was really upset and angry with us for not allowing him but by the second friday he was doing a lot better…


He was up early that friday….infact he was up from the time of tahajjud….I heard him getting up and going to the bathroom…


When I had woken up for fajr, daddy had already completed reading his fajr salaah and was busy reading quraan.


Daddy was a haafiz and his voice was so melodious and beautiful when reciting the glorious quraan. But this particular day I couldn’t stop listening. I performed my fajr and sat cuddled up next to daddy on the sofa with my head resting on his shoulder..


I could listen forever. When he completed it was already bright outside…daddy had completed a khatam today and asked me if I wanted to join him in a quick dua after completing the quraan…


How could I ever say no to that…we laid down our musallahs and daddy began his dua…..


What a dua that was indeed. I felt his every word come straight from his heart and daddy and I both cried so much. Daddy didn’t miss a single thing. He asked for almost everything there was to ask for….


By 10 that day, daddy was excited to go to the masjid. He hugged me and proceeded for the jumu’ah salaah.


When he returned he walked in and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my forehead….we had daddys favourite kari kitchri for lunch with all the extras. I’d made most of the stuff just the way daddy always liked mummy to make them….crispy aloo fry…spicy pumpkin..grilled masala fish….


Once we ate we all usually sat around the table talking for a while about anything and everything..this was our habit every meal time….we lived with dada and dadi since mum passed on…so it was the 4 of us every meal time….


Today however, daddy excused himself a little earlier than usual saying that he needed to lie down for a bit…


I helped dadi clear up and pack the food away and then I dished out a bowl of delicious liquorice ice-cream and took it to daddys room for him to enjoy….


When I entered the room I heard dad shrieking really loudly whilst saying “laa ilaaha illallaaaaaaaaaaaH”


And then there was silence…..ImageImage


12 thoughts on “part 2:

  1. sister/in/islam says:

    إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

    He just knew he was gonna meet his wife sooon !! Some ppl sense it n اللَّهُ does giv dem an inclination !! Sad sad sad !! But that’s life ! May اللَّهُ make it easy !!
    ‎​​​جزاك الله

    • Jx…keep reading and commenting…

      I’ve already checked out ur blog…:)…although I haven’t read everything, I have read bits and pieces here and there…good luck with ur blog..

    • Jee will try my best to post everyday..days that I have more time I’ll try to post more than once but sumdays might be really busy and hectic and won’t be able to today..just didn’t get a chance till now to post…keep reading and enjoy

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