part 1:

Once upon a time, in a land NOT so far away, was …….ME!


A pretty young lady with deep dimples, hazel eyes, long dark hair and fair skin…..


I live in a castle made up of beautiful and exquisite marble floors, water features and loads of bling…




Damn… much for my dreams and wishes….only to be snapped out of it by the horrible wicked witch….shhh…I never just said that ok?


Well the “wonderful” woman I was referring to was none other than “the great mother-in-law”….


Me:”jee mummy?”(In the sweetest voice I could take out)




Firstly you only called once..or rather SCREAMED once…and secondly…a child?which child would be calling me?


Me:”ok jazakallah mum, you can put it down, I’ve got it…”




Person on the other line: “hey!salaams! Howsit?”




Salma: “yes fay…its me!and I’m not a child….!”


Me:(giggle)..sorry!umm…what’s up?”


Salma:”agh nothing much, I just haven’t spoken to you in a while, where’ve you been for so long?”


Me: “agh good things are scarce, what can I say…just been busy…you know how it is…”


Salma: “well no I don’t but I’ve got some news for about we get together for a picnic tomorrow afternoon?you can bring the kids with too…”


Me:”sounds good but I’ll have to ask ismail first..”


Salma:”blah…ok whatever..let me know k..I’ll wait for your call”


Me:”okie dokes sweety….call you later…”


I waited for salma to put down first cos I was 100% sure that THEE mother in law was on the other line downstairs eavesdropping on my conversation as usual…


I’m married for 6 years now but my mother in law still hasn’t gotten used to having me as a daughter in law…I try my best to accept her as my own mother but it works 2 ways…and the fact that I’ve got no mother myself makes me think that she’d be more compassionate towards me….


Uh oh..there I go again..feeling sorry for myself…


I was a really spoilt little girl my whole life, with the perfect parents who loved me dearly…I was the only child and got all their attention….


I always dreamt of growing up and getting married and living happily ever after like all the fairy tales I’ve read in my childhood and like mum and dad….they loved eachother so much and you’d always find a smile on their faces when they were around eachother…


For me this was the best gift anyone could have…as the saying goes…”The best gift a father can give his child is loving her mother”


Unfortunately mum was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 15 and passed away not long had to look after me alone…he suffered dearly after that and tried to be strong for me. But because he loved mum soooo sooo much, his life was incomplete and as much as he tried to hide his pain, it was quite evident and apparent….


When I was 18, dad was returning from an important business meeting when a truck driver lost control on the road and knocked straight into dad who was on the oncoming side of the road…


Dad lay in a coma for almost 3 months but his condition was only getting worse. I was finished as dad was all that I had. My once perfect life was all disappearing right infront of me…


The doctors gave us an option to switch the machines off as there was nothing more that they could do. But dada refused. He said that it was in Allahs hands and we should wait till Allah decides the time is right…


2 weeks later I was sitting in the hospital room next to dads bedside. Listening to the machines and tears rolling down my cheeks. I had dads hand in my hand. I was alone with him as dada and dadi needed to get some things from the supermarket and said theyl be back shortly. It wasn’t visiting hours so there were no visitors either. The nurses had grown so fond of me in the last 3 and half months that they allowed me to sit at dads bedside whenever I wanted to..


Me: “dad….please get better soon…we have so many things still to do….remember you promised to give me a beautiful fairytale wedding? And you promised to walk me down the aisle and hand me over to my were supposed to still teach me how to drive…no-ones going to have the same patience with me the way you do…”


I was about to lift my hand away from dads to wipe away a tear that was tickling my nose when I felt a very slight movement…..


8 thoughts on “part 1:

  1. puma_girl says:

    Slmz sister, I really wanna read this blog But I can’t navigate it, I’m not the only one that’s having issues on a mobile. I Don’t see any arrows for the next post, and when I go to the latest post & click older posts, the page reloads and the sign simply disappears =(((((

    • Wslm sister….I honestly have no idea why that’s happening…..what I can suggest until you figure it out is use this for now with each post you would like to read…

      and then

      And so on….

      I’m really sory for the inconvenience…pls let me know if this continues or if there’s any other way I can help…


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