just the beginning

So here’s what you need to know…..


My name is faaiza….well not really….but the girl who’s going to be telling her story…her names faaiza….


She honestly doesn’t exist…and neither do any of the events she’s going to mention….in simple terms….this is a purely “FICTIONAL” blog….


This blog has NOTHING to do with anyone in particular…it has been started due to my great love for blogs, reading and writing….it brings me inner peace…it makes my burdens lighter and helps ME deal with everyday life…


This blog has not been pre-planned…which means I will write as the thoughts pop into my little brain….


So here goes…please enjoy and keep your nasty comments to yourself…I’m not interested in anyones insults or criticism…..


“Its MY blog and I’ll write HOW I want to…”




Get reading people and enjoy if you must….join faaiza on her journey through life…


13 thoughts on “just the beginning

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. I must have looked for silent living like 10 times since you deleted the blog, just to check if it returned.

    Are you going to continue with it? I would love to know more about the past.

    How did Sumaya and her husband work through their initial issues to get so strong as a couple?

    How long did your sister manage to stay at her in laws?

    • Unfortunately silent living had to stop..my idea of silent living was that I was supposed to remain anonomous so that nobody could judge me..unfortunately ppl started finding out who I was and that was a terrible ordeal…I deleted my blog and whoever I knew that was reading it made a big mess of it..they caused all kinds of family problems, stating all kinds of things which I didn’t even mention in my blog…

      I won’t be continuing silent lving unfortunately…but because I luv writing I decided to write a fake story to stay out of any more problems…

      Hope I can do justice and hope u all forgive me for the sudden dissappearance…

    • Heyy…hwst?no more silent living…there’s major consequences to writing a non-fiction blog..lol

      Rather stick to stuff that’s not true..however I’ll try to make this story as real as possible….:)

  2. Binte Ahmed says:

    Slmz nice story,so far lol…
    Il only read if its gonna end as a blog..im so done with blogs that turn to books halfway through n leave us hanging..

  3. missyzi says:

    You back??? Phew.lol. Kept wondering where you disappeared to all of a sudden -_- Aww what a loser whoever messed it up.. Sorry about that. :/

  4. missyzi says:

    You backkk? Yaaay 😀 lol I was wondering where you had disappeared to all of a sudden. But glad your back 😀 And as for the losers that snitched on you they need to get a life . So low :/

    • You supposed to find a next somewhere on the page…see that the web address you’ve entered in foreveramessup.wordpress.com only…no extras after that..that could be limiting you from going to other parts…hope u cum ryt….let me know if u don’t k

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